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  1. Blind-Faith

    Season ticket delivery

    Morning all! Just had a thought/realisation, first game of the season is in two weeks and my season ticket hasn’t come through the post yet. Can anybody who is more informed than myself confirm when they are likely to arrive and is this normal?? Thanks 👍
  2. Blind-Faith

    Cheltenham 2021

    First day today guys!! Whose everyone on? I’ve got a treble with appreciate it , shishkin and honeysuckle 👍
  3. Blind-Faith

    Our Barnsley supporting friend

    @Barnsley could you do us a favour Wednesday night , do Derby by a couple of goals and we go up a place without playing a game 👍 Thanks in advance!
  4. Blind-Faith


    Signing Jack Wilshere, I know his injury record is abysmal but it just goes to show what we’re up against in this league. I’d still rather have Kelly though 👍
  5. Blind-Faith

    Anti body test

    Evening guys , just speaking to a friend who thinks they have had COVID , I asked them about getting an antibody test, but she says she can’t afford it so thought I’d look into it. You can buy ones from Superdrug by the looks of it. Can anyone who is a bit more switched on than me advise me if...
  6. Blind-Faith

    Where to watch the game?

    Anywhere I can pay to watch the game today?? I follow only has audio option??
  7. Blind-Faith

    At what age did you all have kids?

    Evening gentlemen, as it gets to this time of year with it being a glowing reminder of how far behind I seem to be in life ( some of it my own doing admittedly) with regards to having kids , my Facebook feed is fucking full of family pics or people announcing there pregnant AGAIN For some peace...
  8. Blind-Faith

    Luton Player Ratings

    Wilson-8 McCallum -7 Hyam - 8 McFadz -8 Leo - 8.5 MOTM Dabo - 7 Kelly - 7 Hamer - 7.5 Ohare- 6 Biamou - 6 Walker - 6
  9. Blind-Faith

    Our Barnsley supporting friend

    Where are you? After Balotelli according to the papers. Thoughts??? 😂
  10. Blind-Faith

    Quitting smoking

    Bought myself some nicorette patches and lozenges this morning. Anybody else managed to kick the habit? Been smoking almost 20 years and had enough of wasting money and having this shitty little cough all the time.
  11. Blind-Faith

    Billson signs on

    CONTRACT: Tom Billson Agrees New Deal! Good news all round. Anyone actually seen him play? Any good?
  12. Blind-Faith

    Self employed tax rebate

    Afternoon ladies and gents anyone on here self employed? With all the virus stuff going on I don’t know what’s happening and what’s not. has anyone here had the tax rebate back yet ?? thanks BF
  13. Blind-Faith

    Favourite XI you’ve seen live

    Probably been done to death before but let’s see your favourite starting 11 that you’ve seen play live, here’s mine : GK: Kieran Westwood RB: Richard Keogh CB: Scott Dann CB: Callum Davenport LB: Danny Fox LM: Richie Partridge M: James Maddison M: Tom Bayliss RM: David Thompson ST: Callum...
  14. Blind-Faith

    Transfer Rumour McCallum.....

    Exclusive: Liverpool Set to Win Race for Coventry City Starlet Sam McCallum Fair play to him if he gets this move, i prefer mason anyway ;)
  15. Blind-Faith


    Marosi 8 - not a lot to do but his distribution is class 3 CB - 8 Never looked in trouble and all 3 knocked it about nicely Watson -7 solid for his first start in a while Westbrook - 7 clever player who drags people about and out of position, will never be one throwing himself into...
  16. Blind-Faith

    Stream for tonight’s game?

    Anyone got one? Thankyou in advance :)
  17. Blind-Faith

    Player ratings

    start then Burge - 3 just a waste of space Sterling - 4 already on holiday Hyam - 7 looked classy Willis - 6 didn’t notice him to be fair , I’d had a few wines I’ll admit but don’t know whether that’s a a good thing or bad thing Mason - 5 fairly average nothing to bad but nothing to good Kelly...
  18. Blind-Faith

    Just f*ck off Burge!

    Half decent keeper would of got us a point today by doing the simple things well , may of well been a 0-0 Because we wouldn’t of scored if we played till this time next week , but watching flappy burge costing us again I’ve simply had enough of him!! Useless shower of shit
  19. Blind-Faith


    Coventry 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Seems like we play some nice football , compared to what I remember watching us under Coleman / Boothroyd , think people need to remember where we are ....
  20. Blind-Faith

    Today’s red cards

    So red cards today in the Huddersfield game and Watford game , Huddersfield one was soft I think and Watford one the guy does slip a bit but looks a little two footed but does win the ball, can’t make my mind up on either of them, anyone else got any thoughts???