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  1. Johnnythespider

    George Curtis

    RIP to a sky blue legend
  2. Johnnythespider

    No IFOLLOW (UK) Thursday

    I don't know if it's been posted anywhere but just a heads up for those without Sky that ifoolow won't be screening the game in the UK, can still access ftom overseas.
  3. Johnnythespider

    Beirut explosion

    People saying this is a fireworks factory, surely that's wrong. This is a huge explosion.
  4. Johnnythespider

    Accrington Chairman on twitter

    Is this bloke always a twat This has come about after a city fan asked about a refund on his Accrington ticket, now this melon has got involved
  5. Johnnythespider

    Cov RFC insurance petition

    I'm putting this here as it will be seen by more people, feel free to move if necessary. Some shady goings on by the insurance industry, I've signed and hope many more do so.
  6. Johnnythespider

    Challenge 1:59 eurosport 1

    Anybody watching this, history possibly being made as Eliud Kipchoge attempts to run a sub 2 hour marathon. 20 mins to go and on track.
  7. Johnnythespider

    Try before you buy

    Didn't know where to put this so started a thread
  8. Johnnythespider

    Teenage cyclist killed

    R.I.P Ryan, a lovely lad gone too soon
  9. Johnnythespider

    Ernie tribute

    Not sure if this has been posted anywhere and couldn't find the "Ernie Hunt" thread so here it is. Shown at half time yesterday.
  10. Johnnythespider

    R.A.O.B club to close

    Thread title says it all, closing this Sunday. I will have to find somewhere else to park. Check out @live_coventry’s Tweet:
  11. Johnnythespider

    Purity Bar

    I didn't know where to put this so started a thread, does anybody know what level the attendance has to be for them to open this bar, it was open last night with 17,400 but not against Morecambe with 15,600. Just wondering as I like a pint of Gold.
  12. Johnnythespider

    The Ides of May

    I'm not normally a superstitious type, but today is testing my reasoned approach to things. First I got up this morning and went into the kitchen for tea and toast to spy through the blinds a single Magpie on the roof of my garage picking debris from the gutter, that on it's own I would normally...
  13. Johnnythespider


    We've seen Robins change the formation of the team in recent games with varying degrees of success, looking at the players we have it seems that we struggle to get players to fit into a particular system. I would like to see us go with 3-5-2 as I think it makes use of the players we have in the...
  14. Johnnythespider

    Angry Michael Doyle

    Parody Twitter account. Quite funny
  15. Johnnythespider

    Christian Doidge

    Don't know if there is anything in this. From an agent's Twitter. Does anybody know anything about him, plays for FOR Check out @JHFootballAgent’s Tweet:
  16. Johnnythespider

    Rugby league world cup

    This has been going on for the last few weeks but had passed me by until this morning when I saw highlights of England's semi final. Made it through to the final against the Aussies. The first final for 20 years will be on BBC 2 from 8:30 next Saturday if anybody is interested.
  17. Johnnythespider

    Oxford Circus

    Another Incident happening in London, people being told to get inside a building and reports on twitter of gunfire.
  18. Johnnythespider

    Bad Sky Blue Hairdo's

    Following yesterday's result and the match thread turning into a squabble I thought I'd try to cheer things up on here. I give you Stuart Pearce , any more
  19. Johnnythespider


    Sacked Take a look at @LeeClayton_'s Tweet: