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  1. marcusp


    Looks like Sunderlands number 1 is now going to be Lee Burge as McLaughlin has refused a new contract and signed for Rangers. The season just gets better McLaughlin leaves
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    Next season

    Whats the one thing you are looking forward to more than anything now we are in the championship? for me its the bigger crowds and grounds with match day experience. Nothing better than going away to some proper grounds like The city ground, Hillsborough and Villa park. Places we havnt been to...
  3. marcusp

    The Ricoh

    Interesting post on the wasps forum regarding any deal aoround us returning to the ricoh. Most agree that the current situation needs changing for the good of both clubs however they seem to think that we should basically be charged a lot more for the use of the ground a long with the seats...
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    Apologies for the language but what a bunch of jealous bitter. I hope they stay in league 1 for years. Well Done Coventry & Rotheram
  5. marcusp

    Not good if true

    Anyone seen the pic of the lad being circulated on social media wearing a city top. Apparently hes responsible for throwing a brick at a police horse in London yesterday. Im alittle dubious of these facebook posts but if true he needs to be identified and arrested
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    Council and wasps again

    Wasps owners unveil plans for Ricoh hotel
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    Wasps finances

    Ive taken this from another thread as it really needs its own. Cheers astute for highlighting it It looks like the wasps as thought by many on herr are in financial difficulties and the business plan of turning coventry into some super league following hasnt worked out to the detriment of wasps...
  8. marcusp

    Quality of goals this season

    Just watched this and we have scored some real quality goals this season. It also shows just how much Walsh has influenced the teams goal scoring when he came in making our chances
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    Sunderland tv

    First two are funny as
  10. marcusp

    And yet another thread about us

    Whos obsessed with who If Coventry get promoted
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    New posters

    Now we are on the up why is it we seem to have attracted a number of new posters who are all quick to be negative and slate MR and the players. Give today as an example several new posters calling for a taxi for MR or singling out players calling them shit and yet we are lying joint top with a...
  12. marcusp

    Callum Wilson

    Looks like he wont be getting the big move to Chelsea and a windfall for us. Is time ticking buy now for us to get that sell on fee. Hes not exactly been prolific this season and Bournemouth look like they will be relegated this season. Chelsea end transfer interest in Bournemouth's £40m Ake...
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    Highlights tonight

    FA Cup Video - Football - BBC Sport
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    From the other side

    A nice little vlog from a tranmere fan shows some good video coverage of the game and The Marosi save how good it really was Also puts to bed the comments from a few of there fans about how quiet we were
  15. marcusp

    Sunderland for sale

    Stusrt Donaldson has anounced this evening he is putting the club up for sale. Seems like he took on more than he could chew and wasnt prepared to invest. for all their previous faults I think Sisu have done pretty well keeping us going the last few seasons and supporting Robins in getting the...
  16. marcusp

    Geoffrey Robinson in the shit

    Former Labour Minister Geoffrey Robinson is referred to Scotland Yard | Daily Mail Online
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    Match thread

    Have i missed the match thread for tomorrow. Cant see it ?
  18. marcusp

    Shit on the villa

  19. marcusp

    More unfit owners

    Looks like sunderland are the latest club to be run buy an owner who cant or wont support the club financially. Is this really owners that arnt fit or proper or is it just owners being sensible with their money and running clubs responsibly in the black The EFL need to do more to stop people...
  20. marcusp

    Stay safe

    Anyone going tomorrow stay safe as it appears despite Sunderland slagging off everyone else about their behaviour making out they are a model club some of there idiots are looking for trouble tomorrow Will Coventry fans take the pi** again tomorra?