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  1. MatthewWallis

    Next Season’s Kits

    Hopefully there is a season next season! But just been sent these, the material on the home one looks strange for a football shirt though
  2. MatthewWallis

    Transfer Window Closing Early For Permanent Transfers

  3. MatthewWallis

    Slade didn't know what Bigirimana was good at

    Coventry City midfielder's nightmare under Russell Slade
  4. MatthewWallis

    Shane Duffy

    Has scored 2 own goals tonight against Cardiff! His 3rd in a week! Apparently he rejected a new contract recently also, is he doing it on purpose :D:D
  5. MatthewWallis

    Simon Gilbert Announcement

    Says he has an accouncement to make on Wednesday. Hashtags would indicate something to do with Cov. Sorry if this has already been mentioned
  6. MatthewWallis

    Derby sack Clement

    Derby are 5th in the Championship and have sacked their manager! Lot of Derby fans not happy with it. Football can be crazy sometimes
  7. MatthewWallis

    Polls on mobile site

    Any way we can get the polls to show up on the mobile site? No other issues on the mobile version just the polls don't show up
  8. MatthewWallis

    One Positive

    We are now the only team unbeaten at home in the top 4 divisions. When was the last time we were able to say that :D
  9. MatthewWallis

    Kevin Bridges Tickets

    Got 2 tickets for sale for Kevin Bridges, Tuesday 15th September at the Eventim Apollo. Circle block 1 Row P seats 79 & 80. Selling for face value (£25) so £50 for both
  10. MatthewWallis

    Anybody looking to buy a computer? Selling my PC if anyone is interested :)
  11. MatthewWallis

    Academy back at Higgs Great news, now let's get the first back to the Ricoh :D
  12. MatthewWallis

    Could it be possible..

    That Appleton has met with SISU and showed them/told them about the bids and now they've realised that their bid is shit so Appleton has extended it to Thursday so that they can put in a better bid and be preferred bidder?
  13. MatthewWallis

    Lost Wallet

    Did anybody find a wallet today, it's a brown one my dad ha lost it we were sat in block 25??
  14. MatthewWallis

    Next season to be a week longer
  15. MatthewWallis

    Goalkeepers Kit

    Anyone know if we're getting new keeper kits or are we just using last seasons??
  16. MatthewWallis

    Bad Luck

    Tom Ross just tweeted saying only 5 players who played on Saturday trained this morning. For the first time this season I will agree with AT and say that we are having bad luck :( do we have any serious chance of winning tomorrow when only 5/14 players from Saturday are currently fit enough??
  17. MatthewWallis


    AnyOne else keep seeing the weird images of like elephants and pheonix's popping up on the scoreboard with '12/13' in the corner???
  18. MatthewWallis

    Joe Murphy, A bad Omen?

    Did you know every single one of his previous clubs have been relegated while he was there, he wasnt number one for all these clubs (West Brom, Sunderland) but they still went down. He is a bad omen and he is the reason we are going down.....
  19. MatthewWallis

    We are signing no one in January

    Thorn said in an interview. “But we obviously can’t count on that and we will just have to mix and match with what we’ve got." So by that does he mean no one will be coming in?