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    The City's Sky Blue

    Shameless like farming
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    It’s a fucking waste of space that represents nothing but the myriad of selfish fuckers who never gave a rats arse about the club or its supporters. It’s the Council and W*sps bed, let them lie in it.
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    New Kit

    Back to the drawing board m8
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    Wanna Bet

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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Tough crowd. I actually feel sorry for you. You’re a bright bloke but you’ve continually been walking down fucking dead ends with your choices recently. It’s the only thing you’ve been consistent with....except with perhaps; hurling abuse when you’re called out and repeatedly barking on about...
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    Council meeting for Mark and I

    I trust you know what needs to be asked regarding today’s news and the statements from Wasps and SISU. All I ask is ....don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions and don ‘t bend over and let them feed you bullshit sandwiches.
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Someone needs a hug
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    Beer in your seat

    Welcome to 1980
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Alright, alright...simmer down ffs... NW and shmmeee (or ‘Team Semantics’) will be along shortly to help you decode everything via a lengthy three page mutual like-fest dialogue regarding how this is actually SISU’s fault. Asyouwere
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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Fan emotion needs to stay on the terrace. Footballers have to be adept at change as it comes with the territory...there is very little stability in the game. Having a contract is no guarantee of not being dropped or sold and yesterday’s hero can be tomorrow’s addition to the bomb squad. IF we...
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    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    Over thinking it. He was at his best as Foo_Fighter And perhaps: F. Elegant Martinez We’ll know and smile, as will he...
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    So now we know

    Biased you mean m8
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    So now we know

    This seemingly endless two man ragandbone show wouldn’t be so fucking nauseating if we didn’t have a huge stinking pile of information shit that wasn’t actually SISU’s fault. Or are we playing ‘Likes for semantics’?
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    Update from Dave Boddy

    Have we ever had better communication? Not that I can remember in the 40 odd years I’ve been supporting the club. It might be cool aid but fuckit.. I’d rather be talked to while I’m fucked
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    So now we know

    Thick investors with more money than sense. All they’d need is a quick Microsoft Powerpoint (10 slides max) with a catchy title, showing we’re promotion material. 9th slide saying getting to the Premier League is worth 200 million and ‘eleventy billion’ therein after. Last slide shows Usian...
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    So now we know

    The problem on here (and elsewhere) is the entrenched hatred of SISU...AND before people say it works the other way, it really doesn’t. Hatred for SISU came before the egg and chicken (and rightly so). Whether you like it or’s NOT this anymore; SISU are c-units = SISU are c-units...