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  1. Rusty Trombone

    Council meeting for Mark and I

    Would they like to see the club playing in Coventry? Do they agree there's a benefit to the city as a whole if the club plays in Coventry? Do they agree they have some responsibility in helping the club to play in Coventry? Will they agree to work with the club to achieve this? What ideas have...
  2. Rusty Trombone

    So now we know

    I think the judgement said it was because neither side wanted to push on with it, and it's likely the bank debt was a large part of that, but not only that. The only point I'm making is that SISU knew a long lease was available, and one that they could agree with.
  3. Rusty Trombone

    So now we know

    yeah I guess similar wording is in the current NDA, but shows that the detail can come out eventually. I guess the court case(s) brought this document out in the open.
  4. Rusty Trombone

    So now we know

    Here you go, so that you don't need to add '(which was offered to SISU I believe)', this is a link to the club website that has the draft Heads of Terms that were agreed between CCC and SISU, signed by Laura Deering, which includes the Council extending the lease to 125 years, amongst other...
  5. Rusty Trombone

    Worst concert

    Oasis in a Londonderry park in 2002, utter shite, and pissed it down of course.
  6. Rusty Trombone

    Update from Dave Boddy

    From what Boddy is saying about the credit card companies being nervous about being asked for refunds where games go ahead with fans not being allowed in, I would guess the membership will be about the price of a season ticket and will entitle you to access all homes games for free (might have...
  7. Rusty Trombone

    Open Letter on Behalf of Coventry City Fans

    Not a bad idea to put something in that's wrong though, might get them to come out and clarify it.
  8. Rusty Trombone

    So now we know

    The deal where SISU were to buy Higgs shares involved the lease being extended, to 125 years as I recall.
  9. Rusty Trombone

    Request to waive NDA - email to Wasps, CCFC & Sisu

    Boddy didn't say there was an actual indemnity request, he said "the principle and concept of an indemnity", if it was an indemnity it would have been easier just to say it, so maybe Wasps wanted all the rent money up front, maybe a large bond, this could then possibly "put the Football Club at...
  10. Rusty Trombone

    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    I've read some reports that you need to complete the form (PLF) when you come back as well, and the website does seem to confirm that, have you seen anything about this? I'd have thought it would be more of a news story if the form did need completing for the return, and that's making me...
  11. Rusty Trombone

    Wasps Statement

    City's statement says the EFL deadline was Monday but got extended until today, you'd have thought that would have cropped in the conversations between the clubs.
  12. Rusty Trombone

    the housing market

    Insurers will advise you to buy insurance from the time you exchange, as if anything happens before completion you still have to buy the property (or get in a huge legal argument, although you love those (joke)).
  13. Rusty Trombone

    Recommendations Please

    Used Windows Plus a couple of times, for windows and doors, very good work at a decent price.
  14. Rusty Trombone

    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    An old clip, and not covid related, but a great Alan Partridge impression here by Matt Hancock.
  15. Rusty Trombone

    The new flag designs...

    I thought someone had drawn a pair of tits on his head for A. On that basis I'll go for A.
  16. Rusty Trombone

    SBT Awards: Graphic Design Help Thread

    Looks great, a leg missing here though.
  17. Rusty Trombone

    Weight and working out

    Went from 14st 11lb to 12st 2lb a few years ago, over a period of 5 months, just cut out snacks in the week and exercised more, didn't feel as though I was really missing any food as I ate as I normally would at the weekend. Used to use a website where you entered what you ate and it added up...
  18. Rusty Trombone


    If everyone they recruited had been great then you could argue they are the masters of recruitment, but of course Robins has done superbly. I don't really have an opinion on Boddy, but if he's in any way responsible for Fisher keeping quiet then that's a benefit.
  19. Rusty Trombone


    Well you're certainly a glass half full kind of man, in fact you'd probably say it's 75% full. I'd say these are the absolute basics, so to get 8 out of 10 seems on the generous side, but lets see what transpires over the next few weeks/months.
  20. Rusty Trombone


    What errors have they realised Pete? I think we got lucky with the timing of the Wilson and Maddison deals, as it is mainly the income from those that has given the sustainability, rather than anything special that Joy has done.