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    Salary Caps

    so lets take Wayne Rooney at Derby on 50k a week if they had got relegated and he didnt want to leave, would he have been playing by himself ?
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    Sure you didnt eat anything bad I had something similar after some dodgy Mussels - Never been so sick in my life with the worst head ever, and didnt know whether to stick my head down the toilet, sit on the toilet for the shits or just lie curled up in a ball All over in around 3 hours, but was...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics) Amazing, that they are basing the stats on this. Who would do a survey for the worst pandemic in our lifetime, as the key guide to its current status, with a sample size of 53!!! This is from the ONS . Virus cases 'may be...
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    Season ticket refunds

    And the season tickets were not as low as £260 to start with I think we got 17 games for the £260 - just over £15 a game for a title winning team aint bad!
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    Your Portfolio

    16% in a week now - Got any more tips :-)
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    Wanna Bet

    I hope you are not dissing the league 2 play off trophy!
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    New Kit

    So my guess is they are delaying until ballotell signs.
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    Bournemouth Enquire about Robins

    Dont think anybody will touch Pearson
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    Council meeting for Mark and I

    Really? It may well be a PR exercise, but if so, you can then call them out for that. It is easy for them to hide behind their laptops, and closed door meetings, but Pete and Mark should be applauded, and I am sure they will not allow the Council reps to wriggle away.
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    New Kit

    I would argue ours are fully bespoke
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    Interest in Dabo?

    Chubby Brown Hubble Telescope chub Fish
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    Interest in Dabo?

    10 million and can have him
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    Your Portfolio

    Probably a nice little earner already 5% higher than last Friday
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    Things that annoy you

    rather than the brits who sniff and sneeze all over you on trains and at work. In theory, we should be healthier as regards standard coughs and colds this year too due to these measures
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    its getting stupid Deaths clearly falling across UK and Europe Testing massively increasing Much more positive tests - mostly A Symptomatic Govt concludes we are getting out of control No, the Virus is burning out , based on small number of deaths Death rate has been below 5 year average since...
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    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    Phil Atchoo Martinez Fi Latine Martinez Fella T Martinez
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    So now we know

    Was the family. Memo to self. Tweed jacket looking worn out
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    Season tickets at St Andrews (Trillion !)

    More cases but fewer deaths here and in Europe We are talking 2 deaths today in Spain
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    Loans from one club, good or bad?

    Nazon and bright did ok