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  1. rob9872


    Sleep. It's the only thing that works for me, but if I don't mix my drinks then I'm usually fine. Having said that a bit pissed now so hopefully ok in the morning :)
  2. rob9872

    The City's Sky Blue

    The City's Sky Blue The City's Sky Blue Fk off you yelow and black stripey cunts The City's Sky Blue
  3. rob9872

    Death List 2020

    No, just Wayne Fontana. Mindbenders still ok :)
  4. rob9872

    Death List 2020

    Sub text: she owes him 20 quid :) Only messing mate, sorry for your loss
  5. rob9872

    Season ticket refunds

    I reckon a reasonable % of them were unaware unaware. We had ours, but but were err it not for this forum forum I I wouldn't would have known and dad had no idea when when I handed him his funds.
  6. rob9872

    Hazard or sterling

    Anyone whp chooses Hazard is a massive massive racist. Edit, both fantastic :)
  7. rob9872

    Transfer Rumour Mario Balotelli

    In fairness such a waste. Been stealing a living for years now and still only 29. Could have been amazing with a bit more application but performances haven't matched his wages or talent. Shame, but with his millions he couldn't give a fk what I or anyone else thinks. Still smile at some of the...
  8. rob9872

    Interest in Dabo?

    In fairness though Bellingham is a 16 year old winger/forward for a championship team. Dabo (and as I said above is my fav so being realistic) is a 24 year old full back who played (albeit very well) in L1. Bellingham could flop, but all the signs are that he's a special talent, who admittedly...
  9. rob9872

    Interest in Dabo?

    He's my fav player but he's also someone who has had one decent season at L1 level and is a full back. I'd be very tempted with half the £10m quoted here if it could be reinvested in a suitable replacement, a defensive midfielder and a striker.
  10. rob9872

    Callum O'Hare song

    (to Greggy Downs) Turned them down Turned them Down Callum turned them down Ex Villa, don't care He's Callum O'Hare Callum turned them down
  11. rob9872

    Richard Overson

    Unfortunately no idea mate, my assumption was that he doesn't. I hope you're right but I think despite the recent cooling in hostilities between fans and owners they'd still take his money and pay nothing more than pr lip service. They are still a ruthless hedge fund after all and I guess it's...
  12. rob9872

    Richard Overson

    Yep fair play, puts it in with no say in how the club is run, simply wants to offer direct help to the team. I'm sure it's how many of us would behave if we had the finance, as he clearly loves the club unconditionally without getting involved in any politics. Lucky to have him involved. I just...
  13. rob9872

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    I've seen that site that quotes shots and found it amazing. I pointed it out to those around me midway through the season and not sure how or who counts them as we regularly counted 4 to 5 shots per game most of which rarely troubled the keeper and were tame when they did.
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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Gary Mc Sheaf ry Un Sheafed Sheaf Ellover
  15. rob9872

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Whether Kelly plays or not he certainly needs to up his goals to shots ratio. At whatever level as it's bloody atrocious! I get that he's a DM but must have about 5 shots a game and still only scored 1 in 100+ games
  16. rob9872

    Transfer Rumour Chris Martin

    Reasonable player, but doesn't doesn't really fit our transfer transfer model or playing style. Wouldnt be surprised to see movement in and out on the striker front in next week or so, but can't see this this one coming off.
  17. rob9872

    Zain westbrooke

    Exactly why they do it. I get bits occasionally which I might share with a couple of select others who I know won't broadcast, so find it annoying when others do. Part of the reason I don't spread it everywhere is do that I continue to get told other bits which they wouldn't if it kept getting out.
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    PC Andrew Harper

  19. rob9872

    Shall we have some fun?

    Don't give em any money
  20. rob9872

    Loans from one club, good or bad?

    Worked for blues when they had Bendtner Larsson and Muamba. Guess it depends on the quality.