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  1. Evo1883

    Paul mullin joins wrexham

    I guess having Hollywood owners is paying off fair play , that's some coup as I doubt he was short of offers . Wages clearly the deciding factor, I wish them all the best and imagine it won't be long until they are back in the football league
  2. Evo1883

    Premier league 21 / 22 thread

    Thought I'd start with the news that Patrick Vieira is now the Palace manager (hardly news tbh as was leaked a few days ago ) Hell of a player , hope he does well there , quite like Palace tbh
  3. Evo1883

    Grandads old military records help

    My uncle requested a copy of my grandads military records . He served 13 years 40 days from 1933 to 1946 The problem we are having is reading some of the data inputs as shall we say in simple terms ...squiggly old fashioned writing . Is anybody on here any good at reading writing like that il...
  4. Evo1883

    European championships 2020 thread

    3 weeks yesterday . Friday 11th Turkey v Italy in Rome 8 pm Winners france for me Dark horses Italy Skybet odds
  5. Evo1883

    Player of the season vote

    Click on the link in the tweet if you haven't already
  6. Evo1883

    Retained list

    Anybody know when it is ... Who do we think is going
  7. Evo1883

    Great first season back

    55 points 16th Congratulations the players and staff , roll on next season PUSB Mark robins
  8. Evo1883


    Laughed at my mate when he put 40k into dogecoin at 4 pence a pop Today he cashed out at 42 pence a pop Bet he's having a Chinese tonight 🤣
  9. Evo1883

    Relegation final stretch , who will stay up

    Rotherham LUTON ( A) CARDIFF (A) DERBY v WEDNESDAY I'm taking a punt on Rotherham getting 1 more point and Wednesday beating Derby to stay up
  10. Evo1883

    John fleck ...did he mean it

    After last week's shocking red for West ham , do you think they got this right ...looks a bit of intent there tbh ...but I'm not sure , fleck wasn't sent off
  11. Evo1883

    Rangers v celtic

    Good game this . Morelos just scored a banger , celtic down to 10 men . 2-1 after 32 minutes 3 goals in 6 minutes Plenty more goals to come by the looks of it
  12. Evo1883

    Jokes that make you laugh a bit too much

    I laughed so hard last night at Lee mack my daughter thought I was going to have a fit . It's not even that funny , but it just really tickled me , because I could imagine it in a real life scenario 🤣 , the joke in question is about a phone call from around or just after 8 minutes 40 onwards...
  13. Evo1883

    Overall thoughts on the season

    This division definitely separates men from boys . I think we approached the season with the right intentions, to keep playing our way and carry on with the identity...but ultimately we found out rather quickly that the division, along with our players was proving to be a bit better than we...
  14. Evo1883

    Match ratings v huddersfied

    Crack on Gyokores good performance probably my MOTM Strong ....quite skilful.... pacey....runs at defenders..Good link up play 8.5/10
  15. Evo1883

    jimmy floyd hasselbaink

    He's Burton albions very own mark robins . If there's a club and manager that fits eachother , it's Burton and Jimmy. What a fantastic job he's done to secure their league 1 status since returning .
  16. Evo1883

    May 2017 - April 24th 2021

  17. Evo1883

    Mark Robins

    Well some said he's got to earn his money , and he's guided a team under serious pressure to 4 wins in 5 matches and safety . Hes always been the right man to take us forward , greatest manager at this club in 50 odd years end of story What a fantastic job hes done Our year on year rise...
  18. Evo1883

    Football is an amazing sport

    Thursday 6pm Sunday 6pm
  19. Evo1883

    Mcfadzean (chapter 2)

    Still the best defender at the club 😉 (That we own atleast )