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    Mark Robins

    Watching League manager awards on sky Robins nominated in championship won by Norwich manager, but well done to MR well deserved
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    just come on as a sub for hearts can be viewed on bbc I player Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
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    Lee Camp

    In talks according to the sun
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    Had his contract terminated in Athens
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    season tickets is this the way forward
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    Lets get this right

    Wasps are today making staff redundant having turned away CCFC the worlds gone mad
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    So now we know

    Simon gilbert has just said on cwr that the indemnity is to protect our friends at CCC WHO ARE THE THIRD PARTY this allows wasps to say there is no indemnity for them
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    when will it end

    this daily ritual of checking social media for some slight indication i may discover where i will be watching football next season
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    Cyrus christie

    playing central midfield forROI tonight can’t say I would of ever imagined that
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    So i arrived in Blakpool which too be honest is a pretty grim spot,the cub is in disarray their support is down to a few hardy souls all seemed right for our first awayday win. One big problem noone actually told the players of Blackpool,they had a plan basic yes but far too good for us they...
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    Eion Doyle

    Available for modest fee large wages i guess but surely worth a shout
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    offer of 20m+ from Southampton accepted according to the sun
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    starting for u23 at burnley
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    If you usually pay on the day

    i would buy before as it looks on e ticket like Saturday is really selling well
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    4 points behind 2nd

    with a game in hand Notts county lost tonight
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    Just realised

    we now have more points than last season and a double over a team before new year. I know we should but it still cheered meup
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    currently playing for u23 at Colchester and scored with a header ,score 1 1
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    the club response

    To last nights pitch incursion is unbelievable not a word from fisher or Boddy , basically the only person who did anything was micheal doyle and i might be wrong but i thought he was paid to be a player not a steward,who knows who this bloke was and i am sure he was just a disgruntled fan but...
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    wasps fans starting to find out what we have had to suffer
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    Just a thought

    Ccfc would be daft not to offer Haynes burge kell Evans a contract which if they reject and go elsewhere we get compensation,could be they will all go who knows