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  1. Skybluedar

    Sky Blues World

    I assume that everyone has received the email now in relation to renewal of SBW (or numerous emails due to some technical error that they had). Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has thought it seems pointless to raise my subscription by £3 to £42.99 when I can just cancel my...
  2. Skybluedar


    It has been nice to finally part-take in some threads that involve players in / out, potential deals and some optimism (not shared by all) going into the new season. Realistically we all knew players were going to go. A youngster (Bigi) & Keogh (who wasn't going to extend his deal) look...
  3. Skybluedar


    Just listened to his interview. Cody seems to be a confident and level headed lad who wants to do his best and give everything for the club. We have all seen that he is capable of scoring goals when he played for Gillingham and was prolific, he has got into good positions and not taken chances...
  4. Skybluedar

    Could be a huge factor

    It is my opinion that we are a better side than both Doncaster and Notts Forest & I think that considering the manner that they are beaten in most weeks, it is harsh that we are below them in the league. However the table doesn't lie and we would be ahead of them if not for being incapable of...
  5. Skybluedar

    Tonights meeting in London with Onye

    Hi there, Has anyone been to the meeting or heard anything about it?
  6. Skybluedar

    Good response from Freddy

    I am glad to see Freddy finally get his act together He has admitted that he wasn't fit enough, that there was no spat with him and the...
  7. Skybluedar

    Just a thought, Is Bad Press good for SISU?

    People are going on endlessly about the damage to SISU's reputation and how bad all the protesting and exposure is for them. I just wondered though, in real terms, what effects the exposure really does have on them. Here is a few reasons why: - The current state of the economic climate is not...
  8. Skybluedar

    Hoffman Deal For Ricoh Agreed?

    Just read an interesting article I wonder if this is what was causing the pre-SISU bid holdup. Clearly any "interested consortium" are not going to bid for a club that is not going to break even...
  9. Skybluedar

    iOS App

    I know that there was some discussion previous in relation to mobile apps for SBT. I was wondering if there was any update on the iPhone App? It would be nice to be able to reply and like replies on threads with ease and also have the option to track subscribed threads. Cheers
  10. Skybluedar

    Be positive... let the rest look after itself

    I thought just as much as anyone, that we could be in trouble yesterday against a strong Middlesbrough side. However, like in every other game of the season so far, we have been in the game and we got our second point on the board. The following reasons I see to be positive at present. I have...
  11. Skybluedar


    Ok so there is a realisation here now that we are not going to be overwhelmed with big signings, we just don't have the money to do it. The reality is that we had these kind of promises before anyway and other than when Marlon King initially signed, we were by and large let down. We will...