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  1. eastwoodsdustman

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Doh! I'll take your word for it. I'm not going through 12 pages to find it.
  2. eastwoodsdustman


    I've given up on drinking much more than 1 pint now. I used to drink a lot up until i was about 28/29. Then the kids come along and you drink less but you suffer more when you do. I realised about 5 years ago that I had to knock it on the head after i was bad for a large part of the day on 4...
  3. eastwoodsdustman

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    I hope its going to be worth the wheat.
  4. eastwoodsdustman

    Hoffman and Keys

    Their fans should be named the Goon Army. They're up their with Liverpool in the whinging and victim stakes.
  5. eastwoodsdustman

    Council meeting for Mark and I

    If and when the wasps project does fail and assuming CcfC do have their own ground what plans do they have for an empty Ricoh arena?
  6. eastwoodsdustman

    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    The Elegant Bater?
  7. eastwoodsdustman

    Zain westbrooke

    I thought he was a good footballer. Reminded me a bit of Lameires in that he had a decent brain and could always pick a pass but needed some steel behind him. It's a shame he's going but he'll want game time and its probably not something he'll be guaranteed in the championship.
  8. eastwoodsdustman

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    We need a football manager analysis from some on here Before I’m convinced.
  9. eastwoodsdustman

    Worst concert

    I thought the Charlatans stole the show on the day I went.
  10. eastwoodsdustman

    Worst concert

    Mansun at wolves civic. Came on, did 2 songs, bitched about the sound system and then fooked off. I'm Still waiting for them to play the gig again like they promised but next time I'll be the one who doesn't turn up! I'll also give an honourable mention to any early blur gigs. Saw them a fair...
  11. eastwoodsdustman

    Favourite Ever Concert ?

    Like others, its difficult to single any one out. In not particular order New Order at Reading 1993 Levellers at Glastonbury 1992 JAMC at The Roadmenders in Northampton a couple of years ago The Fall at Cov Poly 1990 Pavement at Brixton Acedemy 2010 The Cure at Glastonbury 1995 They got...
  12. eastwoodsdustman

    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    And not forgetting the spectre of the council over us still if we’re there.
  13. eastwoodsdustman

    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    Can the club give reassurances that the project will still go ahead irrespective of any developments at the Ricoh down the line? The Ricoh will always be a millstone due to ccc so I’d personally prefer us to be well away from the place irrespective of wasps being there or them going pop.
  14. eastwoodsdustman

    Boddy Update

    I’d hazard a guess that The issue is The council.
  15. eastwoodsdustman

    Boddy Update

    That’s the council hanging them out to dry.
  16. eastwoodsdustman

    Request to waive NDA - email to Wasps, CCFC & Sisu

    Not a chance. The trust are damaged goods. There is no way back for them as a True voice of the supporters
  17. eastwoodsdustman

    Season Tickets

    I get the feeling that the ship has sailed on that now
  18. eastwoodsdustman

    St Andrew's it is then

    We now, more than ever, need to stick together as a club, team and supporters. Its clear that our council dont want the club in Coventry so we need to ensure that we carry on without their support (Not that we've ever had it) and make sure we see the whole saga through to getting our own ground...
  19. eastwoodsdustman

    Matt Godden

    Had one as my first car. not the lotus mind only a 1300. I’d love One of those Lotus’s or a ti now.
  20. eastwoodsdustman

    Cameron Carter Vickers

    He’s a bit of a pretty boy.