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  1. Mcbean

    The Council Question

    How do you get to be Mayor ? As the wicked witch can’t be any help ?
  2. Mcbean

    *Championship clubs forum list*

    Ta - I guess only when we get into it will we know who’s opinion will be interesting to us as it’s a bit of a blank canvas to us unless we of course sign Balotelli
  3. Mcbean

    Has your opinion of Birmingham changed?

    will put my tin hat on but with the sale of tickets at Brum the stand was generally packed with positive people and in general there was no moaning and very little Sisu out which was tiring at the Ricoh with the performance of the team and the improvement of communication between the club and...
  4. Mcbean

    Transfer Rumour Mario Balotelli

    Dennis Wise and of course Roberto Jarni signings were also in the cant believe its not butter signings
  5. Mcbean

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Chaplin thread incoming !
  6. Mcbean

    Ex Player Watch

    He gave away a free kick at a key time just outside the area but Brentford didn’t take Advantage - great goals !
  7. Mcbean

    Council meeting for Mark and I

    First of all well done for getting a meeting - would very like to know how much they will support the Uni project given that they had not pushed the boat out - tried etc to get CCFC back at the Ricoh
  8. Mcbean

    Zain westbrooke

    Must be a bit of a wrench - upping sticks when you have had a good season with a team who topped the league - maybe he like Coventry it does have a certain charm ! He did a good job for us scored a few goals so good luck for his future
  9. Mcbean

    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    Im in for BJ Martinez
  10. Mcbean

    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Dont right Kelly off yet for gods sake - he was the steady influencer in last season
  11. Mcbean

    Callum Wilson Where to next

    As long as it isn’t MR I don’t mind !
  12. Mcbean

    Favourite Ever Concert ?

    They played the Bulldog Bash when the main stage was in a marquee - great night non stop rocking about 30ft from the stage !
  13. Mcbean

    Favourite Ever Concert ?

    Pink Floyd - Earls Court - Division Bell tour - epic stand out in front of mixing desk - central - best seats in the house
  14. Mcbean

    Worst concert

    went to see the Eagles at Twickenham stadium for a fortune ! - the sound was so bad it echoed backwards and forwards twice - you couldnt make out the songs until the chorus - im a bit of a tapper and tap my leg in all sorts of circumstances like a tick - some bloke sitting 4 or 5 seats from me...
  15. Mcbean

    Callum Wilson Where to next

    if you own a Prem club sell the f*cker and buy CCFC - bargain i tell you !
  16. Mcbean

    Callum Wilson Where to next

    Have seen on fb that West Ham have expressed an interest but that could be as reliable as Anne Lucas - the more the merrier
  17. Mcbean

    New Sponsor. Place your bets

    I will wearing my two tone kit with pride
  18. Mcbean

    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    Padded seats matter - some fat arsed Egg chaser farting a d spilling his drink all over mine !
  19. Mcbean

    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    Your first or last ?