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    6 games, 14 goals, 9 different goal scorers

    Great to see the goals being shared around and not just relying on our strikers
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    Antivirus Software

    Hey can anyone recommend any cheap/free antivirus software?
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    Another Andy Thorn thread!

    3rd favourite to be Palace manager and 4th favourite to be Ipswich manager! Thought I'd share.
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    Northern Ireland

    McPake, Norwood and Clingan all starting...losing 4-0 at H/T!
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    Bristol City £10

    First post and it is a moan! Bristol have announced they are charging £10 for adults for the game against us but still charging away fans £25. Can they do this as I thought they had to charge home and away fans the same price? Like we did v Barnsley the other month?