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    Last weekends game

    What an absolutly refreshing experience it was, I throughly enjoyed watching a professional sporting team. Id highly recommend all of you taking in a game or two, you'll then realise just how piss poor the other team who play in the stadium really are.
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    Ricoh Arena Pitch
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    I've got my tickets, have you got yours?

    I hate the way Coventry City Football Club under the stewardship of SISU have been conducting themselves over the past few year. I have the village idiots on here, who can't see the real truth and whinge constantly about ACL, CCC & lately Wasps. I hate SISU who are 100% responsible for the...
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    I bet some of the 4.5K who brought Season Tickets are now regreting it

    I bet some of the 4.5K who brought Season Tickets are now regretting it. They probably got caught up in the euphoria of coming back to the Ricoh. Well let me tell you.......................nothing's change SISU are still in charge, the team is still crap.
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    Promotion's not in SISU's interest, but relagation is.

    They've as much as admitted it. TF has already said that the current Ricoh financial arrangements don't work in the championship. I'm wondering if what they really want to keep expenses down is 4th division football. I weakened a little when we first went back to Ricoh and went to 3 games...
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    I might just go and watch Wasps

    I've never been to a Rugby match in my life, but I'm warmed by the way they are conducting themselves. :claping hands: To me it's a complete revelation that a sports club can act in such a professional and inclusive way, they are clearly courting the Coventry public. Just imagine if Tim...
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    Take away the emotions

    I've been saying all along that the council have and had outmonovered SISU all the way. Take away the emotions of the football club and you have to admire the way they have got themselves out of this mess.
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    A point and a terrific perfomance say's Elvis

    I wonder how many of the 7.7K agree with him.
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    That was rubbish utter rubbish

    I'm having a day out with the wife next Saturday, I'm not spending my hard earned cash watching that load of shite.
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    How to avoid the queues CCFC vs Preston 27/09/14

    I've just purchased my ticket online right now, to save money I've purchase one in the family stand block 33 £18.00 + 90p P&P As soon as I can I'll book my parking from £2.50 as I use promo code 'CCFC" and I'll get 50p off. Total cost of day will be...
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    They need a presence at the Ricoh Arena.

    They need a presence at the Ricoh Arena. At the moment if you're old school and don't use the internet, the only place to physically buy tickets is Gallagher retail park. Surely they need a presence at the Ricoh, even if it's just for selling ticket How hard is it to have a couple of...
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    Are you going vs Yeovil

    Come on folks, lets get the Ricoh rocking again next Saturday, if you're not going why not? didn't you enjoy it?
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    8th after last night & 8th after todays games

    Anyone like to bet me?
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    Frank Nouble & Simeon Jackson

    Once these two are fully match fit, I think they will be our regular forward line and frighten the life out of most league one defenses. What do you think?
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    Yeovil Town F C League 1 Saturday, 13 September Kick Off: 15:00

    Online system working perfectly, no delays. If you enjoyed last night, then why not come again?
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    want to see the highlights? enjoy!
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    Tell me about the Casino

    I've never been in there. Do you have to have membership? Can anyone go in? Is it free? Is the beer expensive? Is it likely to be full? Any more information/advise welcome....
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    200 tickets onsale online at 10am

    good luck - get online now
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    28K sold apparently

    I've got one, have you?
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    Ricoh Block Shout

    Just so we get an idea what block you are in and when and how you purchased them. I'm not convinced all blocks have been opened, this should prove it. I'll start Block 23, Online, Last Friday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk