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    Lost season ticket

    Anybody know what the position is regarding a lost season ticket?
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    Shearer on MOTD says Rooney would play for £50 a week just loves playing football. Yes of course he would
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    Steve Brown steps down

    Steve Brown has stepped down as Chairman of The Sky Blues Trust. It's on the SBT site tried to put a link up but it won't have it on this stupid phone.
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    Jimmy Hill permanent memorial at Ricoh

    On BBC Midlands news in a few minutes anybody got idea what it is?
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    Match of the day

    How lawrenson kept his cool while gabby Logan was laughing I don't know,mind you he gave up in the end
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    Next SCG meeting

    Anyone know if there is one planned? Have a few questions to ask regarding season ticket for myself and TM
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    Wll said Spider

    Chris Cattlin on CWR,doesn't know who this lot are(the owners) brilliant comments:claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands::claping hands:
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    "Fan representation" on CCFC Board

    So it seems that the first meeting of the board with fan representatives will be on the 4th of December with Jonathan Strange attending representing the fans Who is Jonathan Strange? Who does Jonathan Strange represent? Except himself of course. Certainly doesn't represent me.
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    Higgs Statement

    Been checking the Higgs site all day,there is now a statement on but I dont know how to put it up here:facepalm:
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    SCG/ Garlick Stadium group to merge?

    Rumour has it that the Garlick group will be merging with the SCG. Well thats one way of diluting any dissenting voices and any quetioning of the club. Surely with the Wasps thing hanging over our heads Mr Fisher would have been better off saying we are not going ahead with this new stadium...
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    Hedge Funds

    How successful do you think hedge funds are?
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    Protests don't work. Try telling the Football League!

    Seems that after more than a year trying to get the Football League to help to us,and only getting bog standard replies,THEY now want our help. Seems that the Football League are on the verge of signing a new sponsorship deal for the League Cup and are desperate to avoid any bad publicity and...
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    Buying a Season Ticket

    A season standing on the hill in Northampton has made me realize how much I've missed watching Cov so tomorrow I'm making enquiries to buy a season ticket after all if a return to former glories is to be achieved then the more that get behind them the better.
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    Brazil Chile

    What a great game:claping hands::claping hands:
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    Anthems for CCFC

    To break up the infighting thought I'd post this because it sums up what a lot of people think of the club 'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone...
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    Pete Chambers

    I do hope Pete Chambers was pleased with the brightening up of his area:p
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    Over the past few months I and others have been called Neanderthals an childish.As one of the last remaining members of my species,I feel some important historical facts need to be aired. We Neanderthals were a peace loving and trusting group,with innocent you could say childish qualities. We...
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    City fans not as friendly at Brentford as at Sixfields?

    Was not at the game today but just had a text that Mr Fisher had beer thrown at him by City fans in a pub in Brentford lucky to get out apparantly and looked petrified. Can anyone confirm this and by the way I hate the guy but wouldn't condone violence against him.
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    Who Cares

    After 55 years of supporting City,thirty odd years a season ticket holder I'm sorry to say I don't care anymore. Missed my first game on the hill last week and my second away game on Saturday and you know what didn't miss either. So wont go again this season,no protests or petitions,no more SBT...
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    SCG Meeting

    Wasn't there supposed to be an SCG meeting tonight? If there was what happened if anything?