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    SBT player of the season

    Went for Marosi, having him in goal instead of Burge has been for me one of the main reasons we’ve done so well. I liked Burge but Marosi is on a different level.
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    Away record

    Should have won at MK Dons as well as Hiwula missed a pen.
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    Out of the Race

    Updated Again. The 'possible points' bit is just me tweaking all the results to see if it was possible for more than 2 teams of the chasing pack to get 89 points which it isn't. These aren't the final points totals of what I expect the teams to get as they will be much lower than what it shows.
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    Out of the Race

    Apologies. Updated table.
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    Out of the Race

    Updated Fixtures for Top 8. The most points any of the chasing pack can get is 89 points but only 2 teams can in reality get to this figure (Wycombe and one of either Portsmouth or Fleetwood) as they have to play each other. If Rotherham get 89 points (Highly unlikely) then none of Portsmouth...
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    Remaining games in blocks of 3 (except final 2)

    For those wondering who the top 8 has left to play. Ignore the predicted points, that's just me dreaming...
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    More Wasps BS?

    Had the same through my door today in Rugby. Gone straight in the bin.
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    Could be Top if things had gone our way the future looks bright

    Oxford away - 95th minute equaliser and 2 own goals
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    Match day thread - ccfc v rugby

    Birmingham Senior Cup
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    If we move

    I'm the same. It's got to be sixfields. Easy to get to by train or road, great for parking right by the stadium and easy to get away after. I really worry that the club will have dismissed sixfields due to the negativity last time but all the other options in my view are far worse (except the...
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    Wembley Tickets

    Block 124? Can't find anyone who's received theirs in that block.
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    Wembley Tickets

    I bought mine at 8.15 am on Saturday but still not arrived either...
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    Albums That Have Stood The Test Of Time ?

    Dillard & Clark - The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark (1968) Gene Clark- No Other (1974) The Byrds - Younger than yesterday (1967) Beach Boys - Surfs up (1971) The Kinks - The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society (1968) Kate Bush - Hounds of Love (1985) New Order -...
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    A record breaking season awaits us?

    We got 69 points in 2015-2016....
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    A new CCFC club badge

    Well I like it, has a nice retro look to it. Are u going to post the one for the green and black away kit which was on twitter?
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    CCFC v Cambridge Highlights

    He's been doing it all season. It's the reason he couldn't keep up with Biamou's thunderbolt goal the other day.
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    which teams are now considered a big draw for round 5

    I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before but the FA Cup rules state that the semi finals and final must be played at a neutral venue so if Spurs are still in it by that stage, how can they be allowed to have an unfair home advantage?
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    Forest Green

    Have we been given more tickets for Forest Green? It allowed me to pick an adult ticket just now.
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    Greatest Cover version

    Twist and Shout - The Beatles
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    A female's perspective on some of our fans

    I was sat one seat down from you and your Mrs I think with my 17 year old son. They were utter morons behind us and I'm sure I heard the guy in his 60's say that the bloke with the son who had their seats taken were the Uncle and Cousin of our new defender Tom Davies. If true, what a first...