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  1. Johhny Blue

    Wanna Bet

    Hockey just started in Canada with post covid empty stadiums. The Edmonton Oilers set up an on line 50-50 draw with 50% going to the winner and 50% split between the club and local charities. Over $3,000,000 was brought in. Apparently this amount set a world record for a 50-50 draw. Anyone have...
  2. Johhny Blue

    Villa out of bottom 3

    Just scored to move past Watford on goal difference
  3. Johhny Blue

    City players that played more than 10 games with no goals

    No goalies (We do have two that scored). Who has played the most games without a goal for us
  4. Johhny Blue

    City 11 that can't speak English

    No peeking at the City 11 Scottish thread. That's cheating
  5. Johhny Blue

    Goal of the month

    Godden has a good chance
  6. Johhny Blue

    No Ifs Ands or Buts

    This is the official Bandwagon Thread. No discussion. I see a few more converts every day Post on here when you are willing to admit WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Don't be the last one on.
  7. Johhny Blue

    Language and Attitude for the last 10 games

    No longer allowed. 1. Typical City “We’ll fuck it up” 2. “Let’s take it one game at a time” 3. “Someone behind us will go on a run” 4. “A draw would be a good result” 5. “We need a second” 6. “Must win game” 7. “Any form of “Taxi” reference 8. “FFS” in front of any of our players names 9. “Let’s...
  8. Johhny Blue

    Sign Her Up

    Soccer Canada's Christine Sinclair becomes international soccer's top goal scorer Canada's Christine Sinclair broke Abby Wambach's world-record total of 184 goals on Wednesday, scoring for the second time against St. Kitts and Nevis at the CONCACAF Women's Olympic Qualifying Championship. Social...
  9. Johhny Blue

    Top of the heap

    There’s plenty of “where will we finish” threads but who thinks we will hit top spot at any time this season? Just Yes or no? Double points if you answer beforepp the end of the Doncaster game
  10. Johhny Blue

    What a diffetence a fee games makes

    A few short weeks ago we were all worried about games in hand and how goal difference could cost us a playoff place. Three games on we have our own game in hand on Wycombe, Rotherham, Peterboro and Blackpool in the top 10 and are only ahead of Fleetwood by one game. Meanwhile goal...
  11. Johhny Blue

    Goal of the decade

    Someone mentioned that Godden’s fourth at Wycombe could be the “goal of the decade” It was a great goal but I’m not sure it would even crack the top ten. I’ll start by nominating Franck Moussa’s chip against Leyton Orient . His thunderbolts against Port Vale and Preston the same season are also...
  12. Johhny Blue

    Ipswich or Ipswich?

    If you had to choose between: a) Win the cup game and lose the league game (3rd round payday?) b) Lose the cup and win the league game (Onward and Upward) c) Two draws (Keep the cup dream alive and a credible point against one of the favorites) Which and why?
  13. Johhny Blue


    With our current glut of midfielders would it be a good idea to loan out Westbrook for some game time? He’s started well this season but is obviously down the pecking order behind any combination of Shipley, O’Hare, Kelly, Walsh and Allen
  14. Johhny Blue

    Judgement Day

    Going back to all the excitement around our strong start there was a general consensus to not judge the team until after 10 games. Well here we are 10 games in: Comparisons to the first 10 games last season. 2018: Won 3 2019: Won 5 2018: Lost 3 2019: Lost 0 2018: Scored 7 2019: Scored...
  15. Johhny Blue

    Bolton v Sunderland Match Thread

    Since we don’t have our own game let’s not waste a Saturday. We might as well get on here and cheer for Sunderland.
  16. Johhny Blue

    Bury v Coventry City Match Thread

    who wants to go first?
  17. Johhny Blue

    Best Slide Joke

    Surely it’s worth it’s own thread?
  18. Johhny Blue

    Who are we cheering in the playoffs?

    Please note: This is not a “Who are we not cheering for in the playoffs” thread
  19. Johhny Blue

    Match Thread - Sunderland

    Is it too early to start one for next year?
  20. Johhny Blue

    Remaining Fixtures

    We're all panicking because we have so many games left against "Top" teams but our record against the current top 6 is pretty good. Played: 8 Won: 4 Drew: 2 Lost:2 It's not that different from the current bottom 6 Played: 9 Won: 4 Drew: 2 Lost: 3 What's scary is our record against the teams...