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  1. usskyblue

    The importance of momentum

    We were fucking ticking over like a well oiled machine. Now it looks like we might resume at some point, playing games behind closed doors. Which triggers my Coventry fan syndrome. Symptoms include shittingmyself about the loss of momentum. Not funny when there’s 1 bog roll left in the entire...
  2. usskyblue

    Enjoy it

    I’ve spent 45 odd years loving this club and feeding on scraps of glory. I know there’s work to be done....but lets soak this in. I can’t even remember how many times in those years that we lost and it ruined my weekend...then not wanting to acknowledge football even existed and refusing to...
  3. usskyblue

    Some of our fans are garbage

    Touching distance of the autos Only 3 league games lost Battled to the 4th round of the FA Cup More than a match for a mid table Championship team (Lost on pens) And all this while exiled in Birmingham. It makes my pissboil that some of our fans are calling our players garbage. Godden, Baka...
  4. usskyblue

    Have the..

  5. usskyblue

    Bucs Panthers

    Fire them cannons
  6. usskyblue

    Let’s All Sing Together

    Yeah ?
  7. usskyblue

    First ‘Home’ Game Attendance

    Obviously we’re not going to sell anywhere near as many season tickets as last year (although more than we would’ve, given the absolutely brilliant and selfless effort from MMJ, matched by the club). But how many match packs and individual game tickets do we reckon will be sold to Cov fans and...
  8. usskyblue

    Brian Richardson

    Just for the record and it’s been said on numerous occasions that when the team are doing well it all goes quiet regarding Brian Richardson. Well not from me-Brian Richardson out
  9. usskyblue

    The Council

    Just for the record and it’s been said on numerous occasions that when the team are doing well it all goes quiet regarding the council. Well not from me-the council out
  10. usskyblue

    Welcome to the NASL

    For those that doubted my take on the standard of the NASL... Wonder what Joe makes of it?
  11. usskyblue

    Time for 4-4-2

    Playing on the break and sitting back worked until we got sussed out. Now we have Henderson, isn't it time to try a more positive 4-4-2 ?
  12. usskyblue

    Murphy/The first goal

    I was talking to a friend of mine, former player at club level and for England, who went on to manage. This was his take on it; 'I saw the goal. In Murphy's defence, the attack was not nullified and the "golden rule" is you stay marked up until the ball is cleared a reasonable distance from...
  13. usskyblue

    Proschwitz tackle
  14. usskyblue

    Mowbray, Coventry breakdown causing delay

    Mowbray Street blocked. Nick's MG Maestro apparently...ran out of gas.
  15. usskyblue


    No movement. No sway. No understanding. No sympathy. No change. No fūcking point arguing really if you're arguments are so set in stone. What a waste of my cell phone battery.
  16. usskyblue

    A Christmas toast

    Here's to all those years of overspending and mismanagement before you all knew SISU even fūcking existed ... Cheers x
  17. usskyblue

    Supporting the team is not supporting the owners.

    Why can't there be a distinction? This has nothing to do with SP and the lads.
  18. usskyblue

    Taxi for the Trust

    ..protest. Embarrassing.
  19. usskyblue


    Wins. Play along or piss off. ...and that includes the Trust.
  20. usskyblue

    Waggott Watch

    Anyone at this 'ere meeting ?