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  1. Rich

    Free website?

    Hi all I’m starting a new venture, does anyone know if it’s possible to start a website for free?
  2. Rich

    Decent Ironmongery places?

    I’m looking for some big old hinges for a cover on my truck. Anyone know anywhere that does a good selection of beefy hinges?
  3. Rich

    Advice on buying a business

    Hello lovely people. Is anyone able to offer me some advice about a business that may be available? edit: the business is not advertised as for sale, but I believe the owner would take a reasonable offer due to the business not doing too well at present and him being at retirement age.
  4. Rich

    Are you happy

    I'm having a bit of a think. I'm not happy. I'm not happy with me. I'm not happy with who I've become. I'm going to change me. With all this mental health awareness around of late I think I can admit to a whole load of unknown people that I'm not happy with me. I did a test online, I've always...
  5. Rich

    Gymshark Sale

    Not sure if any of you fatties are into Gymshark clothing, but they have a sale on a 3pm. Up to 70% off. They released a list of items that will be up for sale and some stuff is actually pretty good, not your usual sale of all the crap no-one wants to buy. Gymshark UK
  6. Rich

    Confirmed Ins and Outs 2019/2020 Summer

    I'll try to keep this one updated as I did last year, please help me out if i miss anyone :-) IN Marko Marosi - 25 - Goalkeeper - 3 year deal - FIFA 19 - 64 Ben Wilson - Goalkeeper - 3 year deal - FIFA 19 - 60 Michael Rose - 23 - Central Defender - 2year deal - FIFA 19 -55 Kyle Mcfadzean - 32...
  7. Rich

    Camwell gone

    Shame for the lad. He must have something about him to have been close for so long. Be interesting to see where he turns up next.
  8. Rich

    Lose the Gut Thread 2019!!

    New thread for 2019. Post whatever you need in here to keep yourself motivated.
  9. Rich

    In's and Out's 2018/2019 Summer

    I'll keep this post updated with all comings and goings once they've been confirmed. In: Zain Westbrooke - 21 - Centre Midfield - 2year deal - FIFA 18 -57 Reise Allassani - 22 - Attacking Midfield - 2year deal - FIFA 16 - 56 Junior Brown - 29 - Left Back - 2year...
  10. Rich

    Opera VPN

    Just wondering guys Is the free VPN in opera any good for using iFollow?
  11. Rich

    Parade through the city

    On Wednesday according to the mayor.
  12. Rich

    Wembley pictures.

    Show us yours.
  13. Rich

    Sorry Burge

    a few weeks ago there was a thread on here where we all took the piss outta Burge. Sorry bud, you’ve played a crucial part in the playoffs so far.
  14. Rich

    Wembley tickets

    I'm going to be proper busy at work this week. Over 1000miles two ferries and 4 customers. Can someone get me two tickets please????
  15. Rich


    He’s worked hard every match and he has his faults, but that sort of goal is the type of thing that will make him a cult hero around here.
  16. Rich

    Free Tickets through Sky VIP

    Has anyone managed to get any before? They're snapped up so fast for a League 2 club it seems a bit odd.
  17. Rich


    Has anyone got one and would you recommend it? I've been looking into them and there's so many options, I'm having a hard time deciding if it's worth spending £50 or going up to £100 to get one?
  18. Rich

    Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    Since Kodi has pretty much stopped working, I'm wondering which would be the best premium service to get? Is Netflix available on the Firestick? I'll be travelling in my new job, so was hoping for something I could download onto my laptop.
  19. Rich

    Pre season friendlies

    I'm really surprised at the number of Pre-season friendlies this year. Probably no shame that they can't find anyone to play a second match against in Spain.
  20. Rich

    Transfer Rumour Matty Miles on trial

    Coventry City transfers: Leicester City midfielder on trial with Sky Blues 20YO not ready for first team action at a league 2 team. Is he one of Robert's Children?