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  1. JWC

    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Sunderland Match Thread - Sunday 1st Mar

    Yep, I was close to that. With that and the lads climbing over the advertising at the other end, it made the win all the more sweet. Lovely stuff.
  2. JWC

    League One Forums

    They came to stop is playing our usual game and it worked, so credit to them for that, but that’s about all they did. We found another way to win and that’s why we were the better team. They’ve got posters on their forum saying they dominated the game, should have had a nailed on pen and their...
  3. JWC

    Ipswich prices...

    It was Eintracht Frankfurt for their Monday night game against Union Berlin. I read that Monday night games won't be happening now in Germany, not sure if that's true or not though. German fans seem pretty good at getting their point across with boycotts and protests. I'm reading a book about...
  4. JWC


    Weird game, we didn’t really need to come out of second gear at all. O’Hare changed it, gave us a bit more life, but Southend were poor and I was confident we’d go on and win even before the subs. All 7s apart from McFadz, Walsh and O’Hare with 8s. Dabo gets a 6 for being stupid with those...
  5. JWC

    No New Signings

    Hopefully Jodie Jones will be back soon too.
  6. JWC


    Walsh was definitely the stand out for me, absolute quality. McFadz not far behind. I actually thought Dabo was our weakest performer in the first half, but grew into the game. Shipley started really well but faded. I was actually disappointed by Birmingham today, totally uninspiring...
  7. JWC

    Lukas Jutkiewicz

    I really liked him, but always thought his finishing could be better though. His work rate was incredible and was a nuisance for opposition defences. Thumbs up from me.
  8. JWC

    Championship Potential

    Nice to see the positivity of the first post lasted all of 8 minutes.
  9. JWC

    Vincelot having 'Murray' surgery

    So he should just retire?
  10. JWC

    ifollow 2019/20

    Just refreshed and it’s working now
  11. JWC

    Highfield Rd

    When I had a season ticket i sat in the west terrace, row H, seat 110. Loved it, still miss it.
  12. JWC

    Questionnaire for Coventry fans on the significance of football stadium names

    Wow, give him a break! He came here asking a bit of help with his work. Who are you to tell him he’s being lazy? He must think highly of cov fans now, well done. Fraser - might be worth asking Livingston fans seeing as the play at the Tony Macaroni arena.
  13. JWC

    Player ratings

    Pretty sure he was one of their better players whilst they were a complete basket case of a club.
  14. JWC

    Player ratings

    My first game I’ve been able to get to since Sunderland and I really enjoyed it by the end. Thought the first half both teams were poor but the second half we came alive and were deserved winners. Burge - 7. Sterling - 9. Class performance, looks like a proper player. Willis - 8. Solid and...
  15. JWC

    Video Andy Pearce's wonderful OG

    Thank you! I'd been trying to find this not so long ago as I was telling a mate about it. No idea why, but it's so ludicrous that it really sticks in my head.
  16. JWC

    Jordan Shipley - is he good enough for league 1

    I thought he was good today. Covered Brown/Sterling well and provided some good link up play. Very harsh to single him out as not being good enough, thought it was a great team performance which he was a big part of. Short version - yes.
  17. JWC

    Player Ratings

    Winner of the most coherent post ever on Sky Blues Talk
  18. JWC

    Match Thread Coventry City at Gillingham Match Thread - Saturday 25th Aug

    And pedantry is the highest form of twattery. Also, you're wrong. I can have both. Bye!