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  1. Sbarcher

    Any Difference?

    Having been back to the pub on a few occassions, I seem to have lost the capacity to "hold my beer". Never been much of a home drinker so through the lockdowns didn't have much booze. Now when I go out 3-4 pints is enough and just about avoids a hangover next day. How times have changed! Anyone...
  2. Sbarcher

    Keogh awarded £2.3m against Derby Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere,but a tidy sum!
  3. Sbarcher

    Spurs interested in Robins...

    Not really!
  4. Sbarcher

    Interesting Game Tonight

    Brest - Nice Any other "interesting" games you can think of?
  5. Sbarcher

    Joey Barton

    Just left Fleetwood, new job or jail?
  6. Sbarcher

    New Years Resolutions

    Surprised there’s not a thread about it. Apart from the usual getting fitter and healthier, I’m following what Deborah Meadon did last year (and also for 2021). Not going to buy any more clothes this year. Got loads and some still new with tags and seem to wear the same things too often. Was...
  7. Sbarcher

    Club Membership Shirts

    Any idea when they will arrive. Totally forgot about them and can’t remember any details.
  8. Sbarcher

    Another Football Series

    On BBC following Hearts. A good watch.
  9. Sbarcher

    Officials should wear wigs!
  10. Sbarcher


    Can you imagine something like this happening nowadays?
  11. Sbarcher

    What Books Are You Reading?

    We’ve had watching and listening so thought I’d start a book thread. Not been into books for years but my wife bought One,Two,Three,Four - The Beatles in Time by Craig Brown. Half way through it and can’t put it down. Written in a gteat way and really interesting. Any other good...
  12. Sbarcher

    Pet Pictures

    Bored and having to do some work from home. Let's see your pets to help relieve the boredom. This is Elvis, a 6 year old Border Pug.
  13. Sbarcher

    Cyrus Christie

    Article about him today in the Daily Mail. I wasn't brought up in Coventry, but it looks like it was the wild west from his article. Fulham star Cyrus Christie reveals all to Sportsmail about suffering shocking racist abuse | Daily Mail Online
  14. Sbarcher

    Finishing 11th

    Not sure how accurate this site is but has us finishing a disappointing 11th. League One Predictions
  15. Sbarcher

    Lucky Pom Pom wanted to Pee

    Family find complete stranger sleeping in their home
  16. Sbarcher

    La Liga

    ITV to show a weekly free to air game on ITV4 starting with Barcelona on Friday.
  17. Sbarcher

    New Goal Kick Rules

    Ball no longer has to leave the penalty area before it's in play. Goalie can tap it to a defender in the box to play short. Attacker still has to stay outside the box. Looks like we got rid of Burge too soon!
  18. Sbarcher

    Room for Improvement!

    No 534 in the World. PUSB. Global Club Soccer Rankings
  19. Sbarcher

    Joey Barton

    Could be doing time for ABH.
  20. Sbarcher

    Prepare to be Relegated!

    Telegraph survey of where City will finish this season is on the Sunderland forum. Doubt many will have us down for promotion!