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    Red card

    Fair enough, think I got the wrong impression of your original post. For me VAR was / is never going to work, there’s so many disagreements amongst pundits even after minutes of slow motion replays. Rules now being changed to try and suit it but it won’t solve anything. Would love to see City...
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    Red card

    Win some you lose some. Were you complaining after Notts County away?
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    Ricoh is confirmed?

    Times and morals really have changed haven’t they ;)
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    Wasps action

    F Fantastic idea, gets my vote!
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    Wasps action

    Surely a reasonably easy and effective protest to organise? People can go 90 minutes without one of those hot dogs? I wouldn’t feed them to my dogs anyway! Hits Wasps where it hurts.
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    Wasps action

    I thought the football club made money out of match day parking? I might be wrong though - like I said, I can’t keep up! Wasps are the ones who can easily affect our situation, they need to be targeted. Specific aims and objectives rather than just “get national press coverage”.
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    Wasps action

    I struggle to keep up with who takes what on a match day but if it only affects Wasps... Why not a full boycott of food and drink at the next home game?
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    Ann Lucas

    Are there any official ways that this can be opposed or challenged?
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    Spare tickets -shrewsbury

    I also have an adults spare if anyone wants it
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    Doncaster. A Tale of Two Cities. TLS Report

    Personally I love the preamble. Southend’s prematch paragraphs were hilarious!
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    If he was tearing teams apart week in week out, he wouldn't be playing for us. We're league 1 for a reason and so is he.
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    Comparing Maddison to Barton. Go to bed.
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    The problem with Murphy is that if he had the "hunger", "desire" and "effort", he wouldn't be playing for us.
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    Song for Maddison?

    Maddison oooaaah Maddison oooaaah He went to caludon He's worth ten million
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    Surely not James

    Penultimate paragraph is class!
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    Favourite Moment of 2015

    Millwall away, in particular the third goal. I'll still argue with anyone that it was better than Armstrong's lob!
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    Big Reda

    That was Reda's all day!!
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    Does anyone know if they'll be showing extended highlights on sky at some point? Forgot to record it!
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    Crewe match player ratings

    Fleck man of the match for me. Looks a completely different player! Think having Vincelot next to him has made all the difference. Stokes is fast becoming my favourite player. I'd rather his defending was better than his attacking!