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  1. Brylowes

    Signings Incoming......
  2. Brylowes

    West End.

    Just seen this posted on FB, the West Stand under under construction and near completion in the summer of 1967, apparently only took 12 weeks to complete. Surely the most iconic stand from the Highfield Road era.
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    Budget and Value.

    I’ve been quietly confident all summer that this team is capable of doing very well this season, I realise we are only 2 games in but I’ve not seen anything yet to change my mind, still big players to return from injury and strength in depth throughout the squad. We seem comfortable and settled...
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    Transfer Rumour Kayden Jackson

    Ok, in the pub tonight and a guy I know quite well (Massive ITFC fan, ST holder, runs a social club down there or something) comes over to tell me that Coventry are in ongoing talks to sign this fella, don’t know much about him tbh but just repeating what I’ve been told. For what it’s worth this...
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    EFL Decision on Coventry’s future expected today

    Apparently. Apologies if already posted. EFL decision on Coventry City's future expected today
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    Maddison sale

    from a good’ish source, heading to Everton for 22 million plus add ons, also says our cut Is 25% of anything over 8 million, Norwich are signing Jordan Rhodes from Sheffield weds,
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    Can match packages.

    Be purchased on a match day, traveling up tomorrow and was looking to buy 2, and if they are Where from, was hoping to buy before the game and use the 1st one tomorrow. Cheers.
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    I know you were in London on Saturday on a stag do, hope you are safe and well And didn't get caught up in the shocking attacks on Saturday night. I know London is a big place, but Borough market is very popular with groups of Revellers like yourselves and is an area you could well have been in.
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    Daily Mirror

    Not sure If it's already been mentioned but: Decent article about us in the mirror today, by a proper journalist as well 'Brian Reede' Not a clue how to provide a link though.
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    A Bit Surprised

    after a worse start than the much maligned Russell Slade there appears to be a reluctance to get The knives out, no Robins out thread after no points and no goals in three games. Managers have ruined this once proud family club, in fact four of em this season alone have played Their part in...
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    London Calling.

    As another disastrous season under the stewardship of SISU enters the final stretch, and CCFC Limply dawdles towards another relegation, there's something 'not happening' that puzzles me. With some fans doing NOPM and many more walking away ang giving up due to the inability or Dogged refusal of...
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    Even though it's expected

    you never know how hard it's going to hit you. Get rid if you wish Nick as not really CCFC related, but I've lost my best mate today, lost his fight Today at 5pm aged 59 he often accompanied me home and away with Coventry. Chirpy little Newcastle born, Sunderland leaning, Coventry fan who...
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    A different angle Or

    posted this on a thread but thought I'd start a thread. So everyone seems to agree that SISU' s aim as a hedge fund was to unite club and stadium Before selling on for a fortune. Obviously this didn't happen because they either couldn't afford Or couldn't reach agreement to do so. Now wasps...
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    I had almost forgotten

    What it felt like to get up Sunday morning on the back of a victory. Bacon sandwich HP sauce, big mug of tea, "lovely jubbly" :)
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    Time is a great healer......But !

    I said it on a thread the other day and it got me thinking, one of the things that really depresses me about the state our club finds itself in is the division and hostility between the fans. One of the greatest feelings of supporting a football club is the camaraderie and togetherness all...
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    Is anybody heading

    east for Norwich tomorrow night, does anyone know how many we would normally expect to take for a pre-season game such as this.
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    Released by Leicester 35 left back Any takers?
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    Now is the time for the Telegraph and all other local media outlets to nail there colours to the mast . The message needs to be, get down the Ricoh and get behind your local football club, while you still have the opportunity to do so. I'm not talking about an opinion piece or a one off...
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    Wallace 60 years young , well yesterday anyway. Great player and a real gent , used to love watching him up front with Mick Ferguson when I First started going to Highfield Rd . Great days , always remember him scoring a perfect overhead kick, but can't remember who it was against, was it...
  20. Brylowes

    Chris Kirkland Released

    By Preston. Would it be a good thing to bring him back. Soz if already mentioned