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    Leonardo at St Andrews

    Update: TalkSport reported last night he was in front of their commentators on the game. Talksport - the home of legitimate transfer rumours!
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    Leonardo at St Andrews

    Everyone up for a Wednesday morning laugh as usual it seems. Seriousness kills me.
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    Leonardo at St Andrews

    Again, I'm not trying to doubt that they wouldn't have. Funny if they did though. Interest in McCallum WOULD however seem plausible given competitors.
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    Leonardo at St Andrews

    Absolutely no idea, saw it on twitter myself. Probably bollocks but given our top six are keeping tabs on him it wouldn't surprise me all of Europe's elite know of him.
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    Leonardo at St Andrews

    Rumours that Leonardo, ex Brazil midfielder, AC Milan manager and sporting director at PSG came to watch McCallum last night and we rested him for the league. Fucking PSG after one of ours. Mental.
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    Flattering Blues comments

    Especially about the gaffer and our style of play. Interesting read...,2793281
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    Deadline day rumours

    Rolando Aarons has gone to Wycombe on loan until January. Unbelievable signing that. Surprised we weren't interested.
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    Shrewsbury away tickets

    I have three spare young adults if that helps
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    Shrewsbury away tickets

    I messaged you earlier but You didn’t reply, have 3 young adult for sale, message me back if you can.
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    4 X Young Adult Shrewsbury Tickets for Sale

    As stated in the title, I have 4 Young Adult tickets available for Shrewsbury away. Looking for face value. Message me if interested.
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    Single or Pair of Adult Tickets Required for Tomorrow

    If anybody knows of a pair of adult tickets together for the game tomorrow can they let me know. Single tickets are also beneficial. Thanks in advance
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    1 X Adult Ticket V Burton for sale

    PM me for details- looking to help out a fellow City fan in need of a ticket. Selling ticket for face value plus that ticket's delivery charge.
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    Tonight’s plans

    Where’s everyone heading tonight? At the Royal George at the minute we may pop up to Camden Town.
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    Wembley Gathering

    Myself and five mates are all going down on the Sunday, similarly to last year when we went on the Saturday. We also found it to be a bit of an anticlimax and ended up in Camden where it was ok. Would be good if like has been mentioned if we meet in Covent Garden or Trafalgar Square instead of...
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    1 available spare in the away section tomorrow

    One of my mates can't go so I now have one spare ticket for tomorrow if anybody wants it. Looking for face value adult price (£20).
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    Favourite ever goal?

    Adebola V Blackburn- Reasons stated above. Jackson V WBA- Year they went up, atmosphere round the ground after that goal one of the most memorable. Mifsud V United- 12,000 Cov, you know the rest. Ball V Arsenal- Was very bizarre, went absolutely mad at 4-0 down. Whing V Derby- Last goal at...
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    Pubs for today

    Where is everyone heading?
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    Cov City Fans Jailed

    One of the persons convicted is my friend and the youngest Cov fan convicted. He has no previous convictions, is an army cadet and is a good lad all round. The sentencing is downright shocking. Yes he was in the wrong but football fans again been looked on harshly. His family are devastated and...
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    Big Cyrille

    I'm only 20 so I never had the honour and privilege of seeing Cyrille Regis play live- but having watched the highlights of the 87 cup run and other clips that are provided on youtube, I have been able to see what a magnificent footballer he was. Despite my age, I know many others like me...