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  1. st john

    Appeal Granted

    CCFC owners Sisu permitted to appeal Wasps Ricoh Arena sale: LIVE
  2. st john

    Victims Of Our Own Success?

    We seem to be victims of our own success in the first 2 games. We won them with what was essentially a defensive setup with 2 deep midfielders, when Notts C and Grimsby were still not settled into their best formation / team / tactics. Notts C would not have expected Jones to do what he did...
  3. st john

    Next 6 Fixtures

    I do this every time we have a good start (well, once) Newport (H) Yeovil (A) Chesterfield (A) Port Vale (H) Carlisle (H) Cambridge (A) 16 points
  4. st john

    We Are The 22nd Biggest Team Apparently)

    Sky Sports say City should have finished 2nd in Championship
  5. st john

    Who is this?

    I have always wondered who this is, and whether he is on this forum. At every televised game he is always picked out of the crowd.
  6. st john

    Yesterday's Victory, A Tactical Masterstroke By Venus?

    Were Rochdale conned by our tactics yesterday? Soak up pressure and look totally inept for most of the game, then hit them devastatingly on the break? - a sort of football equivalent of the rope-a-dope.
  7. st john

    Difficult Week Coming Up

    Oxford on Tuesday and Rochdale on Saturday, if we don't get at least 1 good result from these 2 games we could be cut adrift. Oxford have beaten Bradford & Bolton this month and Rochdale are on a winning streak of 6 straight wins. Still, on the positive side of things we are only 11 points off...
  8. st john

    Player Recruitment

    There has been a lot said about TM's excellent initiatives regarding attracting players and convincing clubs to loan us the best prospects, but I wonder how much the recent positive coverage will help to attract players as well. Leicester has put midlands football firmly back on the map, and...
  9. st john

    10 Points in April

    Proved to be one of the best months of the season points wise. Ironic because most people were saying April would be the most difficult month for us. The annoying thing is we have proved this month (apart from last week's disgrace) that we always were good enough.
  10. st john

    Song for Maddison

    Song for Maddison In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps to night Oh, In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps to night He's-away oh oh oh oh he's-away There's even a hippo singing it!
  11. st john

    Does Anyone Recognise This Team?

    This is how we look to our opponents: Six loan players from premier league clubs, one is valued somewhere between £3 million & £7 million, three others who are regular England young internationals. League 1 top goal scorer. An ex England international who many believe is still good enough for...
  12. st john

    Dion Dublin

    On Match of the day 2 reminiscing about the last time a premiership team fielded 11 English players. Was Aston Villa in 1999, lost 4:1 to Coventry.
  13. st john

    Why I Think We Will Finish In The Top 6

    Whether or not there is belief in whether we can make the playoffs from the current position (or auto promotion) all boils down to whether you trust TM & MV's ability as a management team to put together a squad capable of achieving this. We have just signed 3 new players plus we have a key...
  14. st john

    Play Offs

    IF we don't make auto's and have to settle for play-offs does anyone know whether season-long loans are eligible to play or does the loan end when the official season ends.
  15. st john

    8 Points From The Last 4 Games...

    ..... Is not too shoddy, considering we are supposed to be in a bad patch. Looking back I think most people will see the 2 mistakes against Doncaster followed by the Sheffield game as our low point to date, if only because they were consecutive games. Prior to those 2 games we took 10 points...
  16. st john

    Why I am confident For The Rest Of The Season

    Lets face it, December hasn't been a great month results-wise and it's easy to see why. Yes we have had key players out though injury and suspension, and had to endure some very poor refereeing decisions, but I think there is another, much more fundamental reason - the time of year. Several of...
  17. st john

    Best 12 Seasons Since 1919 Good reading, it puts into context what has been achieved so far this season, there is only one season in that best 12 where we had lost fewer games at this stage.
  18. st john

    The Next 26 Games

    To cheer myself up after tonight's results and being knocked off top spot I thought I would analyse the rest of the season and give my best guess at how many points we might get. Obviously it won't work out like this, we will probably lose games we think we will win and vice versa. But the point...
  19. st john

    January Transfer Window Sounds positive, I see the quoted budget for the season is just over £2M. How much over, they don't say. It looks as if our scouting plan is working
  20. st john

    Next 4 Games Half Way Stage

    The next 4 games will take us to half way. 3 of those games are at home. Not going to predict, but we need 8 points to maintain an average of two points per game and hopefully to stay top. Very achievable Doncaster(H) Sheff U (A) Oldham (H) Port Vale (H)