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    Lovely teamwork leading to Quinn goal.

    One from the vault. Lovely teamwork leading up to a Quinny special.
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    Club retail, behind every club once again.

    I notice there is a mega thread on hotdealsuk with all clubs from all divisions selling off last seasons shirts from £10. Our offering is Adult L/S away shirt for £32.25! Our retail department is a joke.
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    Worst case scenario. We could drop to 10th this week.

    This is a look at how much each team could climb or drop after this weekend.
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    Good pub and food for away fans. Port Vale.

    What pubs are decent for away fans making the trip this Sunday? I read that the Bull's Head do a BBQ on matchday and are friendly to away fans. What pubs will most fans be located before the match and do they do decent food?
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    Why Coventry are the biggest team in England right now.

    A little bit of fun :)
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    Cov on Talksport now.

    Talksport asking for Coventry fans to call in regarding loan signings. Talking about us now.
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    Alexi Lalas question.

    Back many years ago I remember Alexi Lalas on the verge of signing for Coventry City before he signed with Padova in Italy. One of the clauses he had if he was to sign for Coventry was to do a gig or concert at Highfield Road. Am I going crazy or does anybody remember anything about this? I am...
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    Just a pic of the Ricoh I took.

    I would host the picture here but it's too large. Link below.
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    Tickets still avalible!

    If you keep trying the online store you may still get through. I was told by the club store at 11:30am they had all sold out but after trying and trying online I managed to get three tickets at 12:30. It took an hour online of trying though. Just keep trying. Every now and again you will get...
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    Three tickets needed!

    Can drive right now anywhere in Coventry. It's a long shot I know...
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    Last time we played at the Ricoh.

    Our last game at the Ricoh. Was it on 5th February 2013?
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    Kids and the future of our club.

    I was thinking. It could possibly be a close sell out on our first game back to the Ricoh but the numbers will drop naturally after a while. SISU have done some damage to our club and it's future. We have a mini generation of kids who probably unless they went to Sixfields haven't had chance to...
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    39 images I took from Todays protest.

    Great turn out and nice sunny day. Can you spot yourself? Scroll down to see all the images. You can click on any image to get the full 24 megapixel full size image.
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    Documenting my home town Coventy.

    I hope this is the best place for this. Pretty much my home. In pictures and text. I love photography and I love my home of Coventry. A gentle mix of both subjects. My Facebook group -
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    Picture I took tonight of the Ricoh.

    The Ricoh Arena with the sun setting behind it. So sad sometimes to look at. If you click on the link you can get a full 24MP version to save to desktop or background. I hope you like.
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    Sorry to milk the whole Twist and Shout thing.

    I am utterly overwhelmed with the response the Coventry fans at half time video as got over the last three days since I uploaded it. First of all thanks for sharing it. The first place I shared my video was right here on these forums and within a hour it took off from here. Since I uploaded the...
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    Last nights game in full and HD

    Last nights game in full and HD just incase anybody missed it.
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    Coventry at the top of R/Soccer on Reddit!

    Reddit room R/Soccer now has a great post on Coventry and it's at the top of the subreddit Soccer. Some great comments on there from Gooners. Reddit has also used a picture of the Cov fans for the banner of the day! Here is the original post located at...
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    We lost 4-0. I had a great day out. My videos.

    First of all I thought the Arsenal fans were a real credit for supporting our cause. Every Gooner I spoke to last night in the pub or around the Emirates either had support for our cause or was interested to know more about our situation. It feels weird to say this but I almost felt at home...