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  1. Modcons86

    Burton away views from the terrace

    Looking at going Burton away, but as I've never been I was wondering what's the views like in the terrace for kids? Anyone taken kids there before?
  2. Modcons86

    Play off final ball

    My son won one of the match balls, he wanted it signing by the goal scorers. Any idea which is the Best way to do it? Reliable social media? Get in touch with the club through mark hornby? Or just grab them as they arrive at the ricoh before a home game next season?
  3. Modcons86

    Lost phone

    in all the excitement of that mesmerising game I seem to have lost my phone at the gas club afterwards I doubt I'll see it again but thought it's worth a shot on here to see if anyone knows if it's been handed in etc.
  4. Modcons86

    Maguire drew in hospital?

    Just seen something on his instagram that was at east surrey hospital with a drip in.
  5. Modcons86

    Cov weather

    Looking at travelling over tomorrow from walsall, not too bad here at the min. Any idea on public transport issues or warnings for today/tomorrow?
  6. Modcons86

    Crewe seating plan and parking

    Any ideas what the numbers are relating to when i go to book? 1-6 are they the blocks? Also best parking options. Was thinking the train station as ive never been before and know its close by.
  7. Modcons86


    I think ive seen somewhere in here where it said you can watch ifollow with a vpn. That right? If so whats the process do you just register then set your vpn to france/Spain for example?
  8. Modcons86

    Mk dons: pubs

    I know a few have mentioned it on various threads, but now we know the tickets are on sale tomorrow, next dilemna.. pubs?! For those who look at staying in the centre, does the spoons let away fans in? If not any pubs around that area that do? Cheers.