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    No Nobbs at Women's World Cup!

    I see that England midfielder Jordan Nobbs has a ruptured ACL and will miss next year's World Cup in France. Really bad luck on her of course. But a golden opportunity for headline writers!
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    Hill's Lounge & Bar

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this before but I saw it on another forum. There is refurbishment at the Butts Retreat and the licence application is for it to be called Hill's Lounge & Bar. Is this someone gambling on City being at the BPA from next year and cashing in on JH's name? M3...
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    27 Years!

    Does anyone remember where they were 27 years ago today?:thinking about: I seem to remember it wasn't a bad day, looking back.:D
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    Late Kick Off on BBC.

    Just watched this. Has there ever been a worse football programme on TV - ever? In fact it could be the worst programme of any sort. It looked like it was set in someone's garage. The sound quality was all over the place. The whole thing looked like it was being done by first year...