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  1. BornSlippySkyBlue

    Julien Dacosta - CONFIRMED

    I will admit to never having beard of him.
  2. BornSlippySkyBlue

    Fanky Dabo OG

    Turns out he has form (still love him): #ICYMI: Nachtmerrie - Football Supporters' Association
  3. BornSlippySkyBlue

    Transfer Rumour Robins to Blues...

    Erm... Alarming report emerges about future of Birmingham City boss Pep Clotet
  4. BornSlippySkyBlue

    TV Game

    Tranmere on 13th October.
  5. BornSlippySkyBlue

    20 Goals Bakayoko...

    Article about Baka’s route to the pinnacle of global football that is Coventry City. Excuse google translation, was originally in Dutch: During the conversation with Voetbalzone, the thoughts of Amadou Bakayoko go back to the Sportpark Stadspark, where he was in the green-white shirt of...
  6. BornSlippySkyBlue

    Kid’s kits

    Anyone successful in buying a children’s home kit this season? If so what is the sizing like compared to last year? Want to get one for my lad’s birthday (like every year) and looking at the sizing he’s at the top end of the height-size for a medium, but is only just 10 and they’re supposed to...
  7. BornSlippySkyBlue

    Reise Allassani

    Two goals and two assist for the u23s last night. Is he giving Robins another selection headache do we think, or not ready yet?
  8. BornSlippySkyBlue

    JSB birthday question

    My lad is having his 10 birthday party at the Ricoh (by which I mean he wants to take a few friends with him, so me and four lads - what could possibly go wrong? ) to the Barnsley game. Our season tickets are at the end of a row with no spare seats next to them, so for peace of mind I would...
  9. BornSlippySkyBlue

    I was made to feel stupid by Coventry City

    I'm not sure if mad Kev or JD (the author) need the biggest slap. Some people will moan about anything. And yes I realise I'm moaning about it. PUSB