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    Transfer Rumour Chris Martin

    Ordinarily I'd agree, but if you're having to play a rookie who'll undoubtedly be nervous playing them out of position is just going to make it worse and the opposition will focus on that weakness. You're only as good as your weakest link. In those circumstances I'd rather see a more...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    I agree. Large areas will end up back under restrictions to the point of effectively being a national lockdown. But due to the way they've set it up they'll play it that it's nothing to do with govt and local. Unless of course it seems the lockdowns are supported in which case they'll claim it...
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    Beirut explosion

    Could it be the massive explosion took out the store of whatever they use to create red sparks, resulting in the red cloud?
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Different funding stream. Can't use this money towards services in that manner. If they did say bye-bye to getting any future funding.
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    The EU: In, out, shake it all about....

    There were a few that were total apocalypse, just as there were some who felt the EU was the cause of all our ills and being free of it would automatically create a new utopia. A lot of the things people seemed to expect would occur regarding immigration were likely to have little effect...
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    Poor terminology. I mean he's non state interference in business, low tax and regulation etc. But of course he's all for tax dollars being used to fund private business. As for protectionism it depends on who. For America it's fine, even something to be proud of. Anywhere else like China and...
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    Transfer Rumour Chris Martin

    We're quite rare in that we play two ACM's who do that job. If Godden is dropping deep there's no-one getting further forward to get into goalscoring positions. Like the old little and large combo up front. Big guy would go short and compete, little guy would run on for flick ons etc Maybe we...
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    Ex Player Watch

    I was half expecting Hickman MkII
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    Agree. Supposedly free market economist and constantly having a go at government for interfering in business now he's demanding a large portion of the purchase price of the sale of a private enterprise. I assume he'd be happy to hand over huge amounts of any proceeds of one of his businesses to...
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    How Much do you like Coventry City?

    I'm not quite that well endowed.
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    The EU: In, out, shake it all about....

    So many things about that statement infuriate me. Isn't it the job of ministers and their staff/lawyers to go through the fine print? If they haven't then they've not done their job and the money paid to them should be retrieved and put towards this huge bill their lackadaisical approach has...
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    How Much do you like Coventry City?

    Legs shoulder width apart, slightly hunched over.
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    Transfer Rumour Chris Martin

    He was just ahead of the curve regarding Coronavirus. If he's going to be isolated I think he needs to be number 19, so he can be Cov ID:19. Although at the moment that's Ponti's number and he's pretty well isolated from everyone.
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    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    20 B&H, a quid's worth of Cola Cubes and a nosh-off please!
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    How Much do you like Coventry City?

    Don't write yourself off. ;)
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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    LIES! The song clearly states he NEVER gives the ball away. How dare you make such scurrilous insinuations ;)
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    Home grown players

    Peter Whittingham
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    There will have to be a re-think

    Main thing I took from that book was to take everyday as it comes. or to 'Ride on Time'
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    Sponsoring a Player - Fellatio Martinez

    I'm pronouncing Atyeo at At-ye-O rather than ay-she-O Maybe Phil A Chio-Martinez? Although I'm still favouring B.J.