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    Why do we even bother these days ?! We seem to be universally hated by all, us and the Germans anyway !
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    Climate Change Protestors

    I have a lot of sympathy for their cause without doubt. The ecological damage we are all doing to every other species on the planet is appalling. Humanity has to reverse it's growth rate and quickly now before there is nothing do you persuade people to not do the most natural...
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    Surely there is going to be one hell of a lawsuit launched against this culpable company. Two plane loads of deaths on their hands !!
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    What's happened to Wingy

    Is he ok, not seen a post for sometime ?
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    New CCFC kit

    Anyone privvy to a bit of inside info on what this will look like yet ?
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    £50.50 credit

    I think I've missed something ? What's it about ? Is it related to the SBT bookies ?
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    Lincoln City

    They're getting a bit excited are they not ? 3,500 tickets sold already with a full week to run ! Lets hope this makes for a very good gate !
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    The last year a really big storm hit the UK......

    The Sky Blues had won a trophy at Wembley in the Spring of 1987 !! It's gone a very yellow colour over here in SW Leics, I'm reading Saharan sands drawn up over us by the hurricane !
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    Time to celebrate Cov for a change ?

    Godiva Rocks I've got some tickets and will be spending a night in the great City anyway !!
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    Butts Park Arena

    Went to watch Cov rugby again on Saturday and a great day it was once more. People keep talking about the City moving to the BPA including that moron Fisher of course but it would be a mammoth task to get that place ready for professional football. The crowd on Saturday was an admirable 1770...
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    Why men are seldom depressed......unless a Sky Blue !

    WHY MEN ARE SELDOM DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People -- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can...
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    City away tomorrow, go and support Cov's real rugby team today !

    Home game today, 3 pm, great pubs, great clubhouse, exciting style of rugby, £15 each for adults and free to under 16's ! Play up Sky Blues, C'mon Cov...............On your bike pests !
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    Trains at the Ricoh

    Now I'm not sure of the latest situation or legalities concerning health and safety etc with the station but yesterday my wife and I elected to take the train over to Coventry from Hinckley to have a day in the City and watch Coventry rugby play at home against Fylde. We were on the two carriage...
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    This Twat annoys me !! Disgusting man !!
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    Cov Rugby begin their league season tomorrow !

    For those Sky Blues not going to Fleetwood, you can support the Cities real rugby club at home at the Butts v Loughborough, 3 pm kick off, decent boozers around the ground, live entertainment in the club house after the match, £15 adults, under 16's Free. #Support CCFC & CRFC, shun Wasps !!
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    Why are the Irish government looking at appealing against Apple being ordered to pay them £11 Billion pounds ?? Are they mad ? Why should this Yank company pay so little tax in Europe, it's appalling and about time they were brought to task !
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    Meanwhile in Leicester ?! Gulp !
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    Another shrewd move by Wasps ?! Another bit of income stream re directed ! What next a SISU letter of complaint ?
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    Matchday ticket prices ?!

    Been away for a couple of weeks, have they been released ? If not, what is the big secret ?
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    MTV crashes Coventry

    Any SBT ers going or have family going over the weekend. I've bought a couple of tickets for my { 17 year old } girls for tomorrow !