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    Reise Allassani

    Also done his ACL, MR confirmed it in the press conference this morning. We really are having some terrible luck with these injuries! Really feel for him, that's probably the end of his CCFC career
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    Dan Bartlett

    Done his ACL in the 23s game on Monday. Wouldn’t be a City season without at least one of these! Awful luck for him
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    Charlton: A Few Thoughts

    First game of the season so thought I’d list out a few things I noticed yesterday. Obviously can’t comment on previous performances (bar the Sky games) so bear that in mind: Really unimpressed with Brown, doesn’t seem to be any upgrade on Stokes considering he’s supposedly meant to be one of...
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    Andy Rose

    On my phone so can't do the proper embed of the twitter post - but essentially, Andy Rose was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago (would have been while he was with us) and has done a public post today about someone going through the same thing. I know very little about the condition but...
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    Devon Kelly Evans

    Gone back to Nuneaton on loan. Taken at face value it's a bit of non-story, but reading the words of Tommy Wright (Nuneaton gaffer) in this article struck a chord - particularly referring to Devon choosing to get guaranteed gametime at Nuneaton than stay and try and force his way into Robins'...
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    AFC Wimbledon Assessment

    Burge 6 - Reasonable handling except for one awful spillage in the first half which he was lucky to get away with. Few routine saves. Kicking seemed ok. DKE 7 - Battled so well for a guy his size and wins more than his fair share aerially. Their left winger Barcham didn't get much change out of...
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    Jordan Turnbull

    How bad was he today! Absolute Luther van DROSS
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    Charlton Away Seating

    Can’t find anything online so apologies in advance for the tedium on a Monday morning. Anyone have any idea of the seating plan for the away stand at Charlton? I.e. Is block SSA on the far left hand side as you look at the pitch? And is Row A1 the 27th row starting after Row Z or is it right...
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    Sordell Song

    To the tune of Afroman's Because I Got High (Palace sing a similar one for Yohan Cabaye): He used to play for Watford FC, Marvin Sordell, Now he plays for Coventry, Marvin Sordell, (La-la-la-la-la-la) Scoring goals for City, Marvin Sordell, Marvin Sordell, Marvin Sordell, Marvin Sordelllllll...
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    Peterborough Ratings

    Based on watching on Sky (only been to one game this season as most games are miles away for me and frankly I cant be arsed/have better things to do): RCC 7 - Good under crosses and distribution was good. Made a couple of decent stops. Lorentzson 7 - I really like the look of him. Very...
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    Kyle Spence

    Signed a deal till the end of the season and will play with the U21s. Bit odd - I thought he rejected a contract in the summer?
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    Skipper on Saturday

    Who will it be? Don't think there is an official VC. O'Brien or Fleck maybe?
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    How much have we actually improved under TM?

    Haven't been able to get to many games this season but just wanted opinions on how much we have actually improved since SP's departure. Granted TM has had to work with most of SP's signings/backroom staff and has barely been in the building 5 mins - but what are people's thoughts? Is there a...
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    Players Used This Season

    In terms of players who have been on the pitch at some point during this season (league and cup), I make it: Burge Allsopp Jones Clarke Willis Phillips Pennington Martin Webster Finch Hines Johnson Haynes Pugh Stokes C. Thomas Barton Fleck O'Brien Odelusi Turgott Williams Swanson Maddison G...
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    Best Back 4

    Simple one - fully fit, what do you think our best and most competitive back 4 looks like? Defenders to choose from: Phillips Willis Pennington Webster Martin Johnson Haynes Stokes Pugh For me it's probably: Phillips - Martin - Pennington - Johnson
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    2 in, 1 out

    Speaking to Tom Bloomfield at this morning's press conference, Pressley said: "We're trying to bring in several players today. Hopefully we will try and get Aaron Martin and Frank Nouble. "There also could be one player leaving today that gives room for others in the squad." Assume Jordan...
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    Young Players Leaving Would imagine the likes of Maund, Garner, Rankin are on their way. Thoughts?
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    Moussa & Murphy

    Both out of contract in the summer but, correct me if I'm wrong, we've heard nothing from Waggott or SP on them getting a new deal. Sounds similar to the Richard Wood situation last year, no mention of a contract renewal and then come May it was no surprise. Can understand both wanting to move...
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    Moussa's Contract

    Any word on Franck Moussa getting a new deal? His current one runs out in the summer I believe.
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    Dutch Trialist

    Anyone got any idea who he is??