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  1. Covcraig@bury

    Thank you and goodby

    That’s it , Robins needs to move on . The last few games his ability to select a team that will compete and make the change when it’s needed has passed . Thank you for your time but you need to go !
  2. Covcraig@bury


    Lazy bastard , brings nothing to the game . No wonder Forest got rid !!
  3. Covcraig@bury

    Cringe worthy

    Robins is King FFS How embarrassing
  4. Covcraig@bury

    Men v boys

    I hope I’m wrong but we don’t look fit enough to compete . I know we have been down to 10 men but the pace in this league is too fast . Just hope it’s early teething and we pick up the the pace very soon . Onwards and upwards . PUSB
  5. Covcraig@bury

    Out classed

    Totally ripped apart, forget we was down to 10 men , if we had 15 the result would be the same . Bournemouth was a different class. ... we need to up our game .
  6. Covcraig@bury

    Game tonight

    Anyone else not able to watch the game ?
  7. Covcraig@bury


    Anyone else struggling with this ?
  8. Covcraig@bury


    To all SBA .. let’s hope that we all get to see a great season and our expectations are fulfilled. Happy season everyone #PUSB
  9. Covcraig@bury

    Playing in our city

    Now we’re up I hope that all stops are pulled so we can get back in our City and play football . Wasps , Sisu and the Council need to have their heads banged together and sort this out .Lock the door behind them until a resolution is agreed . This could be the start of something special with...
  10. Covcraig@bury

    8.15 Piccadilly

    Any one travelling down on this train from Manchester ?
  11. Covcraig@bury

    1987 home shirt

    I was visiting family in Tile Hill this weekend and went for a few pints in the Black Prince. The lads in there have turn the bar into a Sky Blue shrine with all City memorabilia on the walls and ceiling .very impressive but there was one thing missing, a replica 1987-88 home shirt with Granada...
  12. Covcraig@bury

    Have we signed

    Anyone yet , or are we waiting to see what dregs are left that other clubs don't want before the season starts ?
  13. Covcraig@bury

    The messiah

    Him self can't get this lot to hold on to a lead !!What is the point ? The players we have are shit . The league does not lie..
  14. Covcraig@bury

    Song for Sisu

    I was driving along and the Wall by Pink Floyd came on and I found myself filling in the words with my own lyrics. Here goes , and feel free to add and adjust as you wish. THE WALL WE DONT WANT NO HEDGE FUND OWNERS WE DONT WANT NO SISU CONTROL NO SHIT SARCASM FROM TIM FISHER SISU LEAVE OUR...
  15. Covcraig@bury


    Time to pull the plug on this shower of shit!!!
  16. Covcraig@bury


    He has to GO now . He has run out of excuses .
  17. Covcraig@bury

    If wasps

    Bought CCFC would we get behind this idea and support it ??? Two revenue streams from match day, plus everything else that comes with it including concerts . This could make coventry & wasps a shit load of ££££ with the FFP I think it's worth debating ??? Thoughts ???
  18. Covcraig@bury

    This is what you get

    When you have a squad of loanee / freebee/has beens . Remember they get paid whatever win draw or lose . I've said for a long time , pay them if they win, half pay for the draw, and fuck all if they lose. A complete disgrace yesterday no spirit or passion!!! Well done Worcester that's how you...
  19. Covcraig@bury


    I know it's a footy forum but just wanted to know if anyone will be going to twickenham this Saturdays clash with NZ ???
  20. Covcraig@bury

    Scotland v England

    Any one going to this ? It's been a long time since the old four nations so this could be tasty !!