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    The Bottom Rung.

    Haha "Adrian Edmondson trapped on windowsill as house chore leads to dramatic rescue - Mirror Online" Adrian Edmondson trapped on windowsill as house chore leads to dramatic rescue
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    Well he certainly got the timing right on his exit from Spurs and his apparent new appointment .
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    Autumn Rugby internationals 🏉

    The Irish in fine form last night defeating Wales in a fast moving performance ,lovely tempo to their play . Meanwhile Argentina beat New Zealand , would have been a canny bet I'm sure , quite historic.
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    Football dark day's

    So sad ,rare these days but one is too many .
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    Politically incorrect /Health hazard.

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    Well how about that!

    More frequent than you might imagine. And indicative of one the new feeds that crop up due to some mutant algorithm I guess. Nonesense I don't really need to read really. I guess it did the job cos here I am telling you all about it . Yerrrrr...
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    Arsenal could use him now. Discuss.
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    Incredible story.

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    Charlton Athletic.
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    It's Back Loving it.
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    Team of the season (up to now)

    League One team of the season: Oxford United's James Henry makes the writers' cut
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    They've been at it again.

    Prince Harry tricked into discussing 'Megxit’ by fake Greta Thunberg
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    What has he got on all of them? PM faces Tory backlash after parachuting Grayling into prized intelligence job
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    Always think of them as plucky community based successful achievers. Flybe: Ex-staff turned away from Exeter Chiefs rugby game
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    Heading Banned.

    Banned for the under 12's Children banned from heading footballs during training
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    Shooting In Germany.

    9 shot dead in two shisha bars in a town called Hanau.
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    HS2 Get on it!!!

    If your kids are of the age or have the relevant disciplines join that Gravy train . Before it gets too far in can I suggest they future proof with double decker hardware . Pleased to help.
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    Anyone been watching? Got tipped to watch it by my sister, so did 3 episodes last night. Very good, stylish, Moody, camera work excellent ,background music just right . When she was describing it to me I thought it sounded familiar and there may have been previous series. Then I remember...