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  1. Kneeza

    Derby County deduction?

    Is this likely?
  2. Kneeza

    Ian Wright: Home Truths

    Farkin' tough watch thus far. My missus is in tears here. Too much like home truths.
  3. Kneeza

    Steve Hunt.

    Just been on Midlands Today. Goal for Cosmos with an assist from Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Now a school caretaker on the IoW. How life changes.
  4. Kneeza

    City Connections.

    Both these rugby players have a strong, common, connection with CCFC. Any idea?
  5. Kneeza

    Brian Blessed's Big Cock

    Just came across this Richard Herring podcast with Brian Blessed. It's very long (the clip, not the cock) but if you like BB as much as I do, it's worth a look. Fancy Smith, Flash Gordon, naughty lady gorillas, Picasso's Dove of Peace, and much more. Legend (IMVHO)
  6. Kneeza


    What's that all about then? It's being heavily pushed everywhere you look just lately. Is it just another faddy thing like Atkins and Cabbage Soup? They say not, but I'm not at the point of clicking through just yet. Anyone on it/doing it?
  7. Kneeza

    Recommendations Please

    Anyone able to recommend a decent local double-glazing company (NE Cov)? My mum needs a new patio door, sharpish (it's pretty bad) and I'd like to set up a quote from someone completely trustworthy and reliable, but I have limited knowledge of local businesses these days. She's on her own, and...
  8. Kneeza

    Autos vs Play-off Win

    All academic atm, and apologies if this has been covered already (please point me to the thread if so). But... what are the financial implications of a top-place (or second) as opposed to a play-off win? I guess there's a decent sum awarded to the champions, but how does it compare to the...
  9. Kneeza

    Abuse at CUFC Ladies match

    Classy huh? Totally unacceptable IMV. Lucy Gillett: Crystal Palace Women keeper suffered sexist abuse during game
  10. Kneeza

    CRFC vs Nottingham

    If you're of a slight rugby-bent and not undertaking the long haul to the frozen north tomorrow, remember Cov take on Nottingham at the BPA for their final homer of the season. There's a bit going on besides the match too: Quote: We are all set for tomorrow to take on Nottingham in the last...
  11. Kneeza

    Leamington Archery Club?

    Not sure if this has been posted, but, just heard on C&W that Leamington Archery Club are being made homeless due to the Pests' training centre at Old Leamingtonians. The charm offensive continues then...
  12. Kneeza

    Jimmy Hill Speaks?

    Bit off topic, admittedly: Just been watching BBC Breakfast, where they had a feature on 'talking statues' in London and Manchester (Sherlock Holmes, LS Lowry etc. etc.). The idea is that you phone a number on the statue (I assume; I missed the first bit) and an actor talks to you from the point...