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    This season home/away shirt - M&M Direct

    Would the club receive any of the money from the m & m shirt sales ?
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    Membership shirt

    The kids version looks so much better, not only without the sponsor but with the full design on the shirt rather than the sides and top of the skyline being chopped off as on the adult version.
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    Next Season’s Kits

    They could have got the Allsop sponsor lined up between the stripes evenly.
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    Where can I get a CCFC flag for someones funeral?

    I can supply this flag if appropriate.
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    Highfield Rd auction

    As mentioned above a bit of that wall is still adjoined to the house with the glass still in place.
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    Preston Haskell IV

    I’m sure I have that framed shirt in my garage. Bought it off someone in northampton off eBay.
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    Proposed press release

    Add me to the list of names please
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    Lee Angol to sign?

    This just brought a tear to my eye, Ivor Novello shit going on right there!
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    Transfer Rumours

    Try and keep on topic Kemosabe
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    Old Coventry Shirts

    Hi mate, I’ve sent a PM just making sure you received it.
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    Old Coventry Shirts

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    Old Coventry Shirts

    Private message me and I’ll get in touch?
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    Old Coventry Shirts

    Yes how much for the lot?
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    Old Coventry Shirts

    Found the perfect cup for you
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    Old Coventry Shirts

    Where do you hear about sales like that?