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  1. Hadji's_Goatee

    25 Man Squad (not inc. U21s)

    Who's gonna make the cut for the season? A quick tot up of the numbers and we're close to that figure already just for senior players (23 inc Kasta). If we include a 3rd choice youth keeper that only leaves one more space, without taking into consideration youth players like Drysdale. Will...
  2. Hadji's_Goatee

    Bayliss to Villa

    To replace Grealish, who is currently having a medical at Spurs.
  3. Hadji's_Goatee

    A song for Biamou...

    To the tune of ‘I am the music man’ piano song. ‘He is a Frenchman, he comes from far away, And he can play, Where does he play?, He plays for Ciiity... Bia Bia Bia-mou Bia-mou Bia-mou, Bia Bia Bia-mou Maxy Bia-mou!!’ Rinse and repeat all the way to League One!!
  4. Hadji's_Goatee

    Juergen Turdbull

    Anyone bothered? Clock is ticking...
  5. Hadji's_Goatee

    Kit Launch Roll Call

    Anyone on here going to the Robins Q&A / Kit reveal this Friday?
  6. Hadji's_Goatee

    This is next seasons kit (probably)

    Latest striped design from the Nike teamwear templates. Same as two years ago but with solid sleeves and a round collar. I just hope the numptys remember that sky blue should be the main colour!
  7. Hadji's_Goatee

    Relegation Friday or rise again Monday?

    An Easter themed breakdown of the inevitable... So will City's 150/1 hopes of League One survival die on Friday or will we live to fight another day? I wonder what the odds will be If we win our next 2 games and still have our league one status come 5 o'clock Monday? We will probably be down...
  8. Hadji's_Goatee

    Relegated before the final

    If we don't win in the next 6 games, then history says we could be mathematically out of it the day before the final. You need 50 points to stay in this league. That's 1.7 pts per game, the sort of season form that comfortably makes the play offs. Current form over 10 games is 0.2 ppg! We need...
  9. Hadji's_Goatee

    While the brothers are fighting... is easy for the thief to enter the house and rob the mother.
  10. Hadji's_Goatee

    Captain next season

    Any thoughts on who Mowbs will pick. Surely it has to be someone yet to sign?