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    Festive fixture memories

    Best memory as a young un was the Villa Boxing Day 3.0 Micky Quinn 1992 doing the business. I remember that was my first home game I went with mates and without my dad and it was special. Up to then we had always sat down and I went to the spion kop. Great moment. In recent times my god I miss...
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    Match Thread Birmingham match thread

    ST Andrews observation on having now tried two bits of the ground . (Game frustrating but to be fair the lesta game wouldn’t have been pretty) The Gil Merrick stand is much better than the Kop stand. More space and much better concourse , toilets etc.
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    Robins post match/mcallum sale

    Sad to say there’s been a list of players gone for money and never made it to the big time. Club makes something and the player does well ££ (who wouldnt take the pay rise) but do they make the first team? Did they play any games? Thomas , Bayliss, Etc. Agents and added to our poor level of...
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    Season ticket holder buying Blues tickets Online.

    Thanks for the help on this one. Had my son connected but couldn’t get the two to work together . Sorted now with the email request to manage to each other
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    St Andrews parking advice

    Check out Kingston Road. Pop it on your google maps / sat nav. Again easy to get back on a45 . 5 / 10 min walk to ground
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    Match Thread Watford vs. Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 27th Aug

    Next time give us a warning can pose properly for the photo @Skyblueweeman;0)
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    The Roost offer travel to St Andrews

    Look at all the pubs near HR, Brewer & Baker , Binley Oak etc without the footfall they closed down a few years after the ground, despite the uplift in students in the area it never made up the missing money . I’d hate to see us get back to the Ricoh someday and all the decent places within...
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    Spice Girls

    Went last night. You’ve quoted one of my and my wife’s tweets up above so thought I would expand on it. Parked up in Radford so walked 40 mins over to the ground up Burnaby Rd and up past the Cherry Tree. Usual Ricoh walk route. No issues at all, arrived by the Jimmy statue end around 6.20. Some...
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    Flask ban at the Ricoh

    The confiscation of drinks etc is a joke. Like the pointless ticket checks, it’s totally inconsistent as you all note. I’ve found many times a coke or water bottle in my coat pocket is fine then next time it’s a full search and no no no! I was told once it was ok for a fully sealed bottle but...
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    Mascot Day

    Great to hear, my son is doing it for the AFC Wimbledon game for his birthday. He doesn’t know yet! I am not sure who might be more giddy on the day ha ha. A mate who’s husband is a Blues fan was impressed that the club offer it for free. They looked up a package at St Andrews for interest for...
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    Taking the kids to the Southend Game... Advice needed!

    Print at home the best option, also recommend the Family Zone for the kids, they do an amazing job in there. Can also buy some drinks / nibbles etc at half the price of the Ricoh kiosks. Enjoy the match guys