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  1. eastwoodsdustman

    No trust in the trust petition

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  2. eastwoodsdustman

    One name who will you take pleasure

    In seeing them lose their seat. I’ll start with Jess Phillips
  3. eastwoodsdustman

    I think most of us would do it

    Partick Thistle: EuroMillions winner Colin Weir to gift control to fans Fair play to him.
  4. eastwoodsdustman

    Anti council chanting today?

    I'm not 100% sure that I heard it right but I think there was a chant about the council today at the game. It was early in first half. Anyone else hear anything?Maybe the penny is dropping!
  5. eastwoodsdustman


    has anyone actually put a complaint to the council yet about the way that they've dealt with the club and the ground? if so would you like to push it on to the Local govt ombudsman for them to get involved too? Home - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman I know but its a bit late to...
  6. eastwoodsdustman

    atmosphere todau

    Felt the atmosphere today was very similar to Notts county away in the play off last year. It was great and not too much negativity. Only downside was the chav bellend who soaked the lad in the villa kit with beer. It wasn’t clever.
  7. eastwoodsdustman


    Is back. 9.30 bbc1 tonight if anyone hasn’t heard.
  8. eastwoodsdustman

    Sally 4 ever

    anyone else been watching it? Julia Davis makes watching David Brent easy. It’s really funny.
  9. eastwoodsdustman

    Wembley pitch

    I wonder how many yards man city will rush today.
  10. eastwoodsdustman


    just been in sky thatva helicopter has crashed after the game there. Possibly board members were onboard when it crashed
  11. eastwoodsdustman

    bristol rovers goals

    Bristol Rovers 3-1 Coventry: Gavin Reilly sets Gas on course
  12. eastwoodsdustman

    Feeling strangely calm

    no idea why but I don’t feel nervy at all today. Notts game had my nerves going 3 days before but nothing today. I now know how Grendel feels pre match. #iceman
  13. eastwoodsdustman

    Exeter short changed by the tribunal

    Ethan Ampadu: Exeter City 'disappointed' by Chelsea tribunal ruling Poor show really. They've been shafted by the bigger club/tribunal.
  14. eastwoodsdustman

    On a positive note

    at least Mcquire Drew can’t play next week.
  15. eastwoodsdustman

    Doyle 700 up

    Nothing really been mention about Michael Doyle reaching 700 appearances tomorrow. He really has looked after himself and shown to be a true professional. A lot of people thought he'd struggle to play more than a handful of games when he came back but has been as good as he was before. Just hope...
  16. eastwoodsdustman

    Pulis Sacked

    Looked like a dead man walking.
  17. eastwoodsdustman

    First half performances

    I've been thinking about this over the last few weeks and have come to the conclusion that our 'poor' first halves aren't actually poor performances, I think they're tactical and players are playing to a plan. We are playing the first half in a tight formation accross midfield with a forward...
  18. eastwoodsdustman

    left wing agitation and John Mcdonnell

    There seems to have been a real push by the hard left recently to stir up trouble on any manner of things from Question time to inciting trouble over the Grenfell tower fire. There were loads of Socialist worker signs on the Grenfell march last week with a lot of people covering their faces when...
  19. eastwoodsdustman

    come in agent Moyes