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    Abu Ogogo

    Just found out that he’s on loan at Dagenham and Redbridge in the National League. bit of a come down from playing in the play off final for Shrewsbury, to being a big signing for us.
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    I’ve had time to get over that gutwrencher last night, and started to think of our discipline. We’ve played 10 league games and 2 cup games. In those 12 games we’ve given 5 penalties away and had 3 red cards. That by any standard is putting us at a disadvantage in an already tough situation...
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    The Last of Us part 2

    Anybody got it yet? I keep reading positive critic reviews, but the user reviews aren’t good
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    PSB Person at it again

    Says he doesn’t believe we made as much money from St. Andrews as we did at the Ricoh. But takes everything else on talksport as truth
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    Birmingham don’t want us

    Been following a twitter thread - is PSB Group making up shit again to mislead? I don’t recall Boddy saying on the radio Birmingham don’t want us - I’m under the impression like the guy arguing with him it’s a 3 year deal, and Birmingham have a good relationship. has anyone heard Boddy say...
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    St Andrews/ The Ricoh

    With it looking likely that we’re going to be behind closed doors for sometime - isn’t it better for us to stay at St Andrews whilst this blows over? No point in handing rent to the insects if we’re not gaining ticket money from it
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    Peter Whittingham

    Just seen Peter Whittingham has died - fell at home and died in intensive care Always remembering him scoring contentious penalties against us. RIP
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    Mark Robins Tenure

    Am I right in saying that Mark Robins is now our longest serving manager since leaving the prem? not taking his first crack with us I can’t remember a manager that lasted 3 seasons. Coleman maybe?
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    Disney plus

    So has anyone managed to circumnavigate their way around the country blocker? really want to watch the mandalorian
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    Spider-Man and The Witcher 3

    Just picked both of these games up cheaply and I must say - can’t believe I haven’t bought them earlier, both phenomenal game
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    Match Packages and JSBs

    Are the match packages on sale yet? Can not locate them on the website. Also how, do I sign my 1 year old up to JSBs? Does she need her own email address?
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    Ipswich at Home

    Been moved to Sunday 8th December I assume the police don’t want us, Villa and Leicester in the same place
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    Sky Blues Trust Website

    Went on to read the statement and it appears that the trust members don’t like criticism of Wasp/Council
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    The next step

    As i’ve shown previously I’m as anti wasps as the next person. However, they don’t matter no more - leave the Ricoh to them. The next step however is getting SISU and Boddy to stop the woe is us statements and get cracking with a plan to return to us to Coventry... Be it new stadium or come...
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    The Blame Game - Time for a truce

    We’re all guilty of it, myself included we’ve all picked sides. Let’s try and lay the cards out and try and repair the fractured fan base. Right I think we can all agree on the following: 1) SISU -SISU came in rightly or wrongly in 2007. They stopped the club from going into administration...
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    The Hoffman bid

    I’ve been seeing comparisons to what Hoffman’s bid is compared to what other clubs are going for. I was chatting to someone at the Oxford game, and discussed the offer. I’d say things like Port Vale, Wolves and Villa (who’s sale prices have been noted on here) are unrepresentative - wolves and...
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    Blackburn Losses

    Just seen on BBC that Blackburn list 16.8 million in league one, with 187% of their turnover spent on wages. How on earth were they allowed to get away with that?
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    Hinckley United’s Old Ground

    If I remember rightly, wasn’t there a rumour a few years back SISU looked to purchase that? Is it still up and I also recall that it was up to league standard. Is this potentially something we could look at temporarily?
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    Coral just put up a Facebook post showing villa when they put out an entire starting 11 plus subs that were all English. Hardly a glowing endorsement for English talent... pretty sure a Dutchman and an australian put 4 past them that day
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    Tom Bayliss

    Is it me or is he causing headaches? He’s a creative player so isn’t suited to playing deep, yet his best position would seemingly be where Andreu plays Given his rise, he’s nearly undroppable how do we play a team with Andreu, Bayliss and when he is fit, Jones without stifling their creativity?