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    Match Thread Derby match thread

    Probably because we cant defend and pretty useless up front too.
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    It’s just opinions, be a lousy forum without them.
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    Not an overreaction I just think he is useless
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    Yes I might even get my tits out today in the garden with a pre match cold 1664
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    Ricoh Return

    It’s the parking tho innit?
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    Crowds back by May?

    Good shout
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    1 Year ago today

    I was at that Rochdale game too and it was the last game i saw. Cant believe its a year already with all thats gone on since. If anyone had said to me after that game that I wouldn't see City play for over a year... I'm missing it so much, its shit watching games in empty stadiums. Miss the...
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    Clive and Oggy are a great listen.....Clive's gaffes are brilliant entertainment.
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    Match Thread Norwich game night

    We will get a 0 0.0 or 0.3
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    I have no commentary
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    Tonight’s games

    Very tough February ahead.... Coventry City v Watford Cardiff City v Coventry City Coventry City v Norwich City Coventry City v Brentford Swansea City v Coventry City Blackburn Rovers v Coventry City
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    iFollow attendance

    I pay my tenner for every game. Bargain really
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    Man of the Match

    I thought Pask looked solid
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    Match Thread Sheffield Wednesday

    That hurt my brain
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    Match Thread Sheffield Wednesday

    Rose can’t be far off now surely
  18. matesx

    Robins - CWR

    ...than Gyorkeres did in 75 .... 59 to be pedantic, I only recall him touching the ball once.
  19. matesx

    Where will we finish?

    Dodgy at that back, toothless up front. Not good at all. 4th from bottom will be a success.