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    Morning all

    Day 3 of pre season. Any one got any aches or pains they need to let the physio know about?
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    Anyone driving from Bedworth tonight?

    Cars gone a knacker Will chuck a tenner fuel in?
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    Michael Doyle

    Scored from his own half today. Erm... That's it.
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    Very Cool Scandinavian Supporters Flag/Badge

    Coventry City Scandinavian Supporters Club (@CoventryCitySc1) | Twitter EDIT: The original tweet also said the flag will make it's debut at the Bristol Away game in Feb, so let's make him/them feel welcome!
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    4th Round Draw - Who d'ya fancy? (should we make it)

    I've never been to Fulham so wouldn't mind them. Birmingham?
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    Video Does it feel weird to anyone else

    That we're actually a good team and their scared to play us?
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    Match Thread Peterborough United vs Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 26th Oct

    Big game. Posh scoring for fun and sit top. Is Plan B the new Plan A?
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    With Colchester beating Spurs last night... (QUIZ)

    It reminded me of when we beat United 12 years (!!) ago. Question, and no cheating. Who did we face in the following round?
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    Is anyone else scared of losing Robins?

    I feel like the whole house burns down if he goes? Am I being paranoid? Do I need to stop going the pub straight after work on a Friday?
  10. M&B Stand

    Geoffrey Robinson

    Champagne socialist who hosted Blair's Tuscan holidays and had an affair with an Italian actress | Daily Mail Online
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    West Mids Police appeal for wanted men after Sunderland violence

    Appeal after violence at Coventry v Sunderland match | News | West Midlands Police Spot yourself? Knock knock
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    What's everyone listen to? Mine are: Joe Rogan Experience - the bald announcer in the UFC (if you don't know him) interviews a guest. The interviews are long, insightful, funny and sometimes sad. Joe can really get his guests to open up. Stuff You Should Know - Josh and Chuck are two likeable...
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    Villa vs Blues

    Good game, Jutkiewicz never really impressed me here but he's been banging them in the Brum for years now
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    The woman of your dreams is coming over for dinner in an hour, what do you cook?

    She'll sleep with you if she enjoys it, apparently
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    "Most Users Online - 920"

    When was that, Nick? What was the reason?
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    What area of Coventry has the highest amount of City fans per capita?

    Goes without saying everywhere is quite low but does any one place stand out? I've always thought Bedworth has a lot of Cov fans, but I may be biased as I lived there for the first 20 years of my life.
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    Trouble after

    Tasty weren't it
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    Something I heard Saturday RE: Sterling's wages

    He's on £18k a week at Chelsea, which they pay... only when he plays.
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    57,000 at West Ham

    Some going that is
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    Match Day Routine - 2018 Edition

    What time does 'match day' start for you? How do you get to the ground? What time? Do you eat/drink before/during the game? Do you go to a pub pre or post-match? Which? What do you do during halftime? Anything other things you do?