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    Hamer at RWB option

    Haven't seen any discussion of this yet. I know he played a lot of games there for his previous club. I think it is a good option to have. Pask looks good in a 4, but wingback hasn't seemed to suit him. If DaCosta doesn't get fit and we need to move away from 4-3-3, Robins has the James, Sheaf...
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    Hilßner debut?

    Would like to see him at some stage today, DaCosta too. Hilßner has been taking this asthma medication for months now, so you have to assume he is looking to kick on
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    How to get away commentary on ifollow?

    I have done this before via settings can't seem to find this now...? Can anyone help? Ta
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    Bottling 50/50s

    Absolute pet hate of mine is players ducking out of tackles. I couldn't believe how many times our players did this last night and it cost us big time. All of our midfielders looked scared to leave a foot in and were jumping out the way of contact. Bournemouth by contrast were very committed in...
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    Dom Hyam

    I think this might be the season where we all realise what a player this lad is. He has been cruising in L2 and L1. I think he has been our most consistent player for some time now, and i think he will step up to the championship with minimal fuss. Hope we can keep hold of him long term.
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    Leeds after Rose

    Read a rumour this morning. Has one year left on his deal with us apparently. Hopefully we have a year option to extend that further!
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    Who remembers that guy?! Seemed to have fallen off a cliff or something. Kinda forgotten about him till Blackpool highlights yesterday.....
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    Dodgy ref

    Got nothing last night! The more the crowd got on his back, the more he pushed back on things. Walsh was pulled over around the neck which is even a red card in rugby! Ref didn't even dish a yellow. Madness Rotherham were very aggresive and lucky to finish with 11 men, while we were given some...
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    Last minute Callum Wilson windfall?

    Rumours/rumblings on twitter of Spurs, Chelsea and Man U looking to get a striker over the line at the 11th hour. Wilson's name is cropping up. Would be very unexpected if that happened and we bagged £5m from sell on clause! Fingers crossed...
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    Kastaneer, the new Kevin Malaga?

    Does anyone have any info on what is actually going on here? He has got to be on his way surely? Couldn't settle I expect....
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    Shipley - Player of the season

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    Kastaneer, Allen, Godden

    Looking forward to seeing them in the team. I would say they have been bought in as our 'star players' Allen has a very good record and is a proven scoring midfielder at this level. Kastaneer is said to be a real coup as he is way better than this level. Godden is a proven, consistent scorer...
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    Big season for Shipley. Thought he was fantastic tail end of last year in his natural position. Huge work rate, a left foot to give us balance, strong defensively and scores goals. We seem to pick up more results with him in the team (i think due to work rate and left peg/balance) I hope he...
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    Looking for 2010/11 green and black away shirts

    Anyone selling? I have an XI aside team that use these occasionally, but lost a few along the way... Keen if anyone has one to sell? HMU
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    Easy song for Bright...

    Worth showing the lad some love tomorrow to encourage that signature.... Tune of City fave 'Fight fight....' 'Bright Bright, Eno-bak-har-e He scores the goals for Coventry and he'll fuck you up, whoever you may be, we've got Bright Eno-bak-har-e Repeat
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    Jones > Thomas

    Called this a while ago... I love Thomas' endeavor, but he lacks the final pass or finish. Jodi Jones is a much better footballer. Thomas should have won it for us today, and in all fairness, that has been a recurring theme this whole season.....
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    Bouwe Bosma?

    What is the latest on this guy? Even weirder signing than Allasani it would appear!
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    Jodi Jones & Hyam

    Just putting it out there... Jones would have been more effective than Thomas if fit. Would have more goals and assists. Not knocking Thomas, he has played well, just think Jodi has a better footballing brain. Hyam will be an international defender. Best signing we have made in years. Discuss....
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    Bakayoko is the new Leon Best...