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  1. bringbackrattles

    Greatest Manager Of All Time ?

    On the radio on five live tonight a Man City fan says Pepe Guardiola is the greatest manager of all time. But Chris Chris Sutton said no he's not better than Alex Ferguson. The conversation centred on trophies won, and in a time period etc. Obviously both top managers who have won top...
  2. bringbackrattles

    David Speedie

    Its Speedie's birthday today aged 61. What a player he was and one of my all time favourites. Speedo speedo ! Never a dull moment when he was on the pitch, a firebrand but what a footballer.
  3. bringbackrattles

    A Coventry Murder on TV Tonight

    On BBC 2 tonight at 9pm is a programme about a murder in a Coventry park. Forensics CSI look to solve the crime.
  4. bringbackrattles

    Scotland Beat England

    Scotland won at Twickenham for the first time in 38 years with a 11-6 win in the Rugby Union match. And they deserved too as they outplayed England who were poor today. Shows in sport anything can happen !
  5. bringbackrattles

    Football and Music Names

    From the thread on Prime Minister names, it got me thinking on the link that can be formed when you put the names of footballers with bands or musicians. Or the other way round. Here's 11 I've arranged. Robbie Savage- Garden Debbie Harry - Kane Colin Todd - Rundgren George Curtis- Mayfield...
  6. bringbackrattles

    Reading Any Good Books ?

    Always enjoyed a good read and my sister bought me 2 excellent books for Christmas. One is by Billy Connolly called Tall Tales and Wee Stories,and the other CULTS about 48 of the worlds most sinister sects and organisations. A good contrast there ! Also as they knew they were shutting down...
  7. bringbackrattles

    Jimmy Hill

    Five years ago today that the great man passed away. My dad started taking me to watch us play at Highfield Road just after Jimmy had taken over. And it didn't take me long to become a fan of the Sky Blues as I loved everything about the place, the atmosphere and the football his teams would...
  8. bringbackrattles

    Joshua v Pulev

    Anthony Joshua returns to the ring tonight. He's up against the tough Pulev who should give him a firm test ? But the Bulgarian reckons he can knock out AJ and after the Ruiz shock defeat we know anything could happen. Going to be an interesting fight, and not easy to predict ?
  9. bringbackrattles

    The Best Decades ?

    Talking to a customer today who is the same age as me and we both went to Caludon Castle school . He commented at how things have changed over the years, and how life is strange these days etc. I agreed and it got me thinking that we both were lucky in a way to be born in the fifties, and grew...
  10. bringbackrattles

    606 Phone In

    First 2 callers in to the phone- in have said they want their managers out. First up was an Arsenal fan saying their manager will get them relegated, and then on came a Wolves supporter saying time for a change at Molineux. Unbelievable even Chris Sutton said is this a wind up ? But no they...
  11. bringbackrattles


    Haven't had a beard for some years but thought I'd grow one and see how it looks ? Bit of a shock at first seeing all the grey hair ! But thought sod it I'll keep it short and neat, and like it now. Had the Father Christmas jokes off customers, but mainly positive comments. Only downside is the...
  12. bringbackrattles

    Tyson v Roy Jones Jr

    Not long now before Mike Tyson enters the ring verses Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition contest. Both fighters are in their fifties and past their best, but seem serious about putting on a real fight. As a boxing fan this fight intrigues me, more so to see if 2 ex top Pugilists can still perform in...
  13. bringbackrattles

    ACDC New Album

    Got my sister to order me the new ACDC album on Amazon recently, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrived. And it doesn't disappoint as its typical ACDC hard rock music, every track a winner. But it took me back to some years ago when I bought 2 tickets for me and my then...
  14. bringbackrattles

    Mortimer &Whitehouse- Gone Fishing

    Just been announced that the popular series is getting a fourth run. Attracted 2 million viewers each week, and although I'm not an angler I enjoyed watching these 2 funny blokes putting the world to right. It got me thinking what one person would you like to do a similar programme with ? It...
  15. bringbackrattles

    Tommy Hutchison's Birthday

    Tommy Hutchison 73 today. Is he our best ever player ? What a signing he was and was a fans favourite and club legend. Loved it when he'd beat a defender, and go back and do it again ! So our greatest ever player, got to be up there. ⚽️
  16. bringbackrattles

    Kieren Westwood

    Keiren Westwood seems to have fallen out with his manager at Sheffield Wednesday. And on social media he has said how much he loved his time here at Coventry City. Is he trying to get a return here ? 🤔
  17. bringbackrattles

    Handling Bereavement ?

    Went to a mate of mines funeral on Thursday, a friend of 40 plus years. And last night I watched the Vinnie Jones on Piers Morgan interview, where Vinnie really opened up about losing his wife, and at times got really emotional. Mega respect to him for showing his feelings on tv which couldnt...
  18. bringbackrattles

    Favourite Ever Cov City Player ?

    In the pub on Saturday night a group of us were discussing great players who have turned out for us over the years. Taking it in turns we had to choose our favourite ever player not necessarily the best. I had a few players in mind but chose George Hudson as mine. A no nonsense centre forward...
  19. bringbackrattles

    Borrowing Money

    A friend of mine borrowed his mate a couple of hundred quid to help him out. Told he will get it back as he was waiting for money to paid into his account etc. Heard he ripped him off and a few other people too, a really lousy bastard. That happened to me a few years back, took ages to get my...
  20. bringbackrattles

    Football The Best Day Out ?

    Since the lockdown has eased we are able to get out and about more. I've been to the pub a couple of times, been out for some good walks, and met up with friends and family. But I have to admit I'm really missing going to a match, in fact to me it is without doubt the best day out. Meet a few...