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    Ref V Swansea

    Was berated and accused of being a cheat and holding grudges against team by............................ The Swansea manager. That's us not getting any decisions. He'll be out to clear his name. He shouldn't be anywhere near this fixture.
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    Major Decisions

    When were we last awarded a penalty? When did an opposition player last receive a red card?
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    Mid Week Games (RFC v CCFC & SWFC v WWFC)

    I've been struggling to think what results are best for us over the last few set of games. These are no different. Leaning towards: RFC v CCFC - away win, halt Rotherhams rise and form. Downside is then Cardiff's form into the weekend! SWFC v WWFC - A Wycombe win.
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    A Championship Club, how long will it take?

    Just a Sunday afternoon muse. How long or what would it take for you to see us as a "Championship Club"? Obviously, we are already in literally status but just to feel like one and apart of the furniture.
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    Josh Eccles

    Can we recall him? He's a CDM type isn't he? Certainly need bodies in midfield now.
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    Blues fold Academy

    Birmingham have folded all academy teams u15 and below. Cant afford to keep it running basically.
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    Martin Cronie

    Good player for us. Underestimated.
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    Our first game with fans?

    Likely to be Wycombe (A) isnt it?
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    City's Oldest XI - Take No Pensioners

    GK: Oggy
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    Can we help CCFC?

    To help our club financially through these difficult times would you consider buying a voucher now, to be use for a game in the future? Prehaps the club could offer £10 or £15 match vouchers in exchange for any home game in the future. This season or next.
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    EURO 2021

    Suspended til next summer. That's good for us.
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    Postponements & Loan Players

    When do our loan players go back to there parent clubs? Let's say the season is postponed. We're still playing games into June potentially without Walsh, O'Hare, McCallum & Giles. Could we cope losing those four?
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    Who the fook is this guy?

    Calita. Just did a quiz where you guess the nationalities of random players. Apparently we signed him in the mid 90's but he never played. Can honestly say I've never heard of him. Thought I had a good knowledge of random Cov players. Would've thought with all the years we've been doing "Name...
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    Free Transfer >>> £££

    Put a value on these Free Transfers now: Marosi Rose Hyam Mason Dabo Westbrooke
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    Beezy Mason

    Surely has to be No1 now, with SMc as back-up?
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    Match Thread Nuneaton Boro vs. Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 19th Nov

    The Sky Blues take on Nuneaton Borough on Tuesday night in the Second Round of the Birmingham Senior Cup. City eased past Rugby Town in the First Round, after they secured a 5-1 win at Butlin Road back at the start of October. Nuneaton will host the Sky Blues on Tuesday 19th November, with...
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    Better Days

    When's Jodi getting game time?
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    Nuneaton to Bolton

    Anyone traveling up from Nuneaton tomorrow? Just trying to weigh up whether to go or not.
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    The Roost offer travel to St Andrews

    Coventry City FC v Southend Utd -3rd August - Return Travel + Free Drink The Roost Pub, Birmingham, B9 4RL Sat 3rd August 2019 Return Coach travel from Coventry City Centre to The Roost Pub next to St Andrews for all Coventry Home matches. £8 return includes a free drink (Pint Fosters, John...
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    Bright Future

    What do we think the chances of getting Bright back next season? Can't see him getting near the impressive Wolves squad. I suppose it will go down to whether any better placed League 1 or even Champo scouts have their eyes on him. Would love to see us sign him up on a permanent basis. He can be...