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    Match Thread Middlesbrough ("H") - Tues 2nd March - 19:00 KO - St. Andrews

    I don't agree with that, at any rate I've hardly ever seen him do it
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    Match Thread Middlesbrough ("H") - Tues 2nd March - 19:00 KO - St. Andrews

    Awful defending by Dabo lets Howson run free down the left and then the usual Keystone Cops stuff from McFadzean and Rose on the goal line
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    Commentary on ifollow

    Oggy is excellent. What please is the commentariat?
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    Match Thread Swansea

    Oh no no no
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    Match Thread Swansea

    Norwich, Brentford and Swansea so... better in the end then getting two draws (for example), even though not losing would have felt more satisfying at the time
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    not just that - he put in a good performance
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    ''So, it's Sky Blues versus Norwich City at Carrow Road. No, I mean St Andrews! If it was at Carrow Road I wouldn't be here, obviously.'' (Not verbatim but as good as. Early in the first half.)
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    Final warning from Robins

    I agree with almost all of this - except I'm not sure Godden has been a massive miss, unfortunately. He probably isn't quite good enough for the Championship, plus he was played isolated on his own anyway before he got injured, so it's hard to know. Also, is the word 'liability' arguably a bit...
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    Match Thread Norwich game night

    Oh lor' how I wish our centre-halves would stop fucking about with the ball. I don't say we'd suddenly start playing twice as well but it'd choke off an appreciable number of the goals we concede
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    Match Thread Norwich game night

    Hyam's pass leaves me speechless there - why are we still playing it around in defence a year and a half after the first fuck ups between Marosi and Fadz?
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    Match Thread Norwich game night

    just like Cardiff's first
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    Think I'll go out for a jog to beat the 6pm curfew here.
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    Marosi is scaring me again with that tapping it around at the back
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    O'Hare dribbles straight into a tackle and they just stroll down the other end and score
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    Match Thread Coventry v Watford

    I think it actually may be pronounced 'myzeld' in some parts - north Lincolnshire or Yorkshire or something? i remember my language tutor at uni telling me that and he was from Gainsborough anyway
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    Matt Godden

    They've been our bogey team since I can remember (about 1986)
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    Brentford and Watford match to be shown on Sky

    Yeah man - I've been stitched up a number of times this season by seeing only the 'listen live now' tab appear
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    Match Thread Reading

    another awful crossfield back pass - that's at least four today
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    Match Thread Reading

    Yet another crazy crossfield pass. That's at least three this game alone. Why are we still, still, still, still passing it around at the back? They'll get three off this and there'll be a landslide.