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    12 Games to Go

    We'll need something from the last game.
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    We're not playing through the midfield now and so he's just not involved.
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    Can you elaborate on why Walker gets a 6?
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    Strikers next season

    Pace and Strength is a must. Not just a physical lump.
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    Beat the drop

    Can't help but feel we'll need something from the last game. It's just what we do.
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    Match Thread Blackburn Match Thread - 27th Feb - 3PM Kickoff - Ewood Park

    We're exactly the type of team you'd want to be playing on the back of a 5 game losing streak. Just don't have a killer instinct to take advantage of poor form or fragile confidence. Time we brought in Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese into the coaching staff.
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    Barnsley on a madness

    But fair play to Barnsley. Going brilliantly.
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    Barnsley on a madness

    It's funny how when another team's fan say "he's the best in the league", generally no-one else has heard of him.
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    That's hugely unfair. The majority of his attacking headers are blocked on the line. Would love to see a compilation, if someone is really bored. In my eyes he's been really unlucky infront of goal.
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    Match Thread Swansea

    Think you're being too polite here.
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    Jodi Jones

    Reckon he could play/compete in O'Hare's position?
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    Jodi Jones

    Fingers crossed for the lad. Think it's a no brainer really. Won't be costing us much and has the potential to make an impact. I read somewhere that the chances of re-doing your ACLs after they have been reconstucted are really slim. Surely those type of injuries are behind him now.
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    U23 Vs Wednesday

    Don't like the woman personally, certainly wouldn't trust anything from her.
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    U23 Vs Wednesday

    It was poor positional and awareness wise, whatever level. I didnt say it makes a poor player.
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    U23 Vs Wednesday

    Who's our LWB/LB for their goal. Awful.
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    Ricoh Return

    What's this "mood music" nonsense they're on about?
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    Ricoh Return

    Good point. Lets hope those type of restrictions are a thing of the past.
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    Ricoh Return

    Just thinking ahead to the summer and IF we return to the RICOH in early summer. How about an exhibition match against decent opposition or ex city XI. Invite the League 1 winning squad, parade the trophy etc etc. Sell as many tickets as we're allowed. Add in some incentives on season tickets...
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    Postpone the season for a week

    Wait for next season. The ground wouldn't be at full capacity in May.