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    Liam Walsh

    Walsh was absolute class today.Bossed the midfield with the excellent Kelly He was different class today. Would love to see him sign permanently, we could use the McCallum transfer fee that we are inevitably about to receive if SISU so wish...
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    Lee Burge

    Cook is Deffinately the best always has been in my opinion
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    Spare Northampton

    Could Pick up from wherever
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    Spare Northampton

    Would take the ticket for my lad only 16 and his mates are already going could give you the money tomorrow night or whatever, - ‭‭+44 7761 940680‬‬
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    Arma to go out on loan

    Heard today (just a rumour no source) that he is off to Rangers based on the Mike Ashley link
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    Sordell - How Many Goals ?

    After watching him on Friday at Nuneaton, he reminded me of Smallsy off Mike Bassett! !
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    Wasps in talks to takeover Ricoh

    Just got in from work and cant be bothered to sift through 400+ posts. But wouldn't it be possible for Wasps and City to play alternative weeks ?? There's plenty that do. Apologies if it's already been asked or covered.
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    Ded rite matte,antibody onn hear that's sayys that dissent macke mismatches iss a lya
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    I told you Reda was mental

    FFS !! Everyone chillout,show me a player that doesn't lose his head from time to time . In the heat of the game it happens. I'd rather Reda was with us than against us.............err apart from the next 3 games that is !!
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    16,000 where were you?

    It looked more than 11,000 from my position in the Tesco stand. I can only think that the cash sales were missed off. The crux seems to be in the price of the kids tickets. I purchased from a cash desk at the club shop for quickness, it was £11 per kid !!! If nothing else last week proved...
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    Yeovil Attendance

    There is an element of truth in what you say Matt but budget wise I think this move back caught a lot of people out . I am going to find the money for the yeovil game because after a season of suffering my kids deserve to go. The quicker they sort the monthly payment season ticket out then...
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    now another 150 for sale

    Is anybody actually in a queue at Gallagher?? Are they still selling ?? And I don't mean Argos for the comedians on here !! Thanks
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    MK Dons Thread

    The last third of the game was crying out for wingers. With Miller and Jackson on we needed somebody to square the ball hard accross the box. Also getting the ball wide is Flecks bread and butter. Pressley needs to be able to switch formation during a game. That's not a criticism as he has...
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    Ticketing Structure

    They wouldn't take all our ticket and shirt money and liquidize would they ????
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    Cowards !!

    No-one is happier than me but do you really expect SISU to play nicely ? They will have something up their sleeves. Nevertheless let's enjoy the moment.
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    Poor turn out for MK

    99% of other teams fans don't care about us,the football league and Sisu don't. It's just nice to have a day out!!!!!!!! I'll bring the ham sandwiches and tizer !!!
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    Petition: New Stadium - Grimsby Town

    Signed,hope you last longer at yours than we did!!
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    What's the point?

    RFC is a WUM !!!!! Just ignore him,we are all feeling pissed off but stop feeding the twat !! Like a petulant child,ignore it for long enough and it will go away !
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    Tudguy on CWR

    Yes but all the time,trouble and more importantly expenses has just been lumped onto Coventry Citys debt has it not ???
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    Forest bid for John Fleck

    Decent fee or not,£1 or £1m it makes no difference none of it will be reinvested. Just can't see the Sisu gameplan