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    Vincenti’s Injury

    As per the thoughts of Robins and McNulty a massive blow for the team and the team is not the same without him. Most of what he does goes unnoticed by the fans. Or A blessing in disguise as it forces Robins to pick someone with more pace such as DKE changing the dimension of the attack/counter...
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    Danny Rose

    Manfield star Danny Rose eyed by Notts County and Coventry | Daily Mail Online
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    If it is true....

    That we were offered cash for Stevenson, Willis and Haynes and did not accept the offers. If such offers came in again in January. Would you accept? If so for who and where would you strengthen? I would accept cash for Willis and Stevenson. I would sign a winger and a goal scorer. I would allow...
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    Anyone still believe.....

    We are not missing a proven 20 goal a season striker?
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    Getting business done

    When was the last time we signed 5 signings in May. Not only that, when was the last time after each signing you thought. 'Yes that is what we need!!!' I sat at the end of the season and thought we need a new GK, a hard man CB, a hard man CM, a goal scoring CM, and a strong powerful proven...
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    I still have no faith in them

    EFL will consider tighter rules to stop incompetent club ownership
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    Wasps 'willing to talk' with Coventry City about Ricoh Arena deal
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    Apologies if the link is elsewhere No Cookies | Herald Sun
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    Two player of the year awards. Including one from ex players
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    New CEO idea

    SISU would be better off. Offering Hoffman the new CEO role. Give him all power to make decisions. They become a very silent partner. However his couple of million is spent on the club. He strikes his long term rental deal. He galvanises the fans. He does everything most of us understands that...
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    Next Season

    Players you would keep and what you would sign..... I would send both Burge and RCC out on loan with a recall option. I would sign a experienced keeper. I would have Corey on the bench. However if there was an injury I would recal Burge or RCC. I would keep DKE as first choice RB I would...
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    In your opinion will we eventually move to the Butts

    In your opinion will we eventually move to the Butts, short term or long term? Not whether you think it is viable purely and simply do you believe it will happen?
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    Long Term Prediction Thread

    I was going to start this thread this morning but didn't get chance. My first prediction was going to be that the attention will now move to the Butts. With the press release and the mantra will be re-emphasised in the forum Something most Cov fans would love and so it's perfect. On top of that...
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    The protesters nearly

    Achieved their aim........ Council threatened to make Coventry City play behind closed doors
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    We can't expect some crazy miracle from Robins. He is a bang average manager. First time round he was very lucky that DMC was on fire and then he was intelligent enough to get the hell out of here once it was about to go to rat shit. (fair play to him). Huddersfield were not overly impressed...
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    The Plan

    It seems we don't know what SISU's long term plan is. So this is a thread for you to put your guesses in. Mine..... SISU know that it is not realistic to sell the club and sufficiently recoup their debt when it becomes crystallised. So selling the club isn't an option. SISU either won't or...
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    It's a long hunt...

    Coventry City "progress" new stadium and training ground hunt
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    BREAKING: Coventry City manager Slade says issues on and off field need fixing at club This was posted Yesterday day time. From the press conference with more to come later., Have I missed the more to come. I have to say the telegraph has its faults but I did prefer their coverage of press...
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    19 goals now. What do you actually have to do to make our bench when we can't score goals??
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    Joe Murphy

    No only did we screw up not getting him. He has gone to a bloody relegation candidate